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Claim erroneous will be rejected

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Seems I get this whenever I put in a claim for a plane that may have been shot or shot at by another of the squad. For instance I just had a flight where I pasted a Spad XIII and he fell, but with that nose up wings level straight down fall. I came around again and dove on him and just pounded him from about 75 yards down to smell the pilot's fear range. I could see some tracers coming in from below my aircraft and I'm sure one of my flight was trying to poach one of my kills again. Now I'm sure the game decided that he killed the Spad and so generated the erroneous claim alert, now I don't know what the game uses for criteria for awarding the kill if the target was hit by more than one pilot, but I should be allowed to submit the claim because in reality I would assume that I shot him down. Now if the game decides to award the kill to the other guy that's fine, but I should be allowed to submit the claim. Additionally would it be possible to be awarded only part of number of planes claimed. I often will submit a claim for lets say two or three aircraft on one claim. These are either all awarded or all rejected. It would be nice if only some of the planes claimed were either awarded or rejected.




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When I've gotten the erroneous message it has related to the number of aircraft claimed. If it was one make sure you select one. If not sure start at 3 and if you get the message drop her down to 2 and if that is not taken drop down to 1. If that is not it then I don't know. Good luck.

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