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  1. OvS My understanding was what made a Nieuport a Bis version was the rounded fuse. However doing some research it seems to mean it was a second version of the original. Additionally it seems that the original version of the N24 had the rounded fuse as did the Bis variant. So in the case of the N24 both versions should have the rounded fuse. Learn something new everyday.
  2. Now Winder ya see..., That's why you guys at OBD are never going to be big time. Any software developer worth a tinker's damn knows that the answer to "when is it going to be available" is 2 weeks ! Seriously though the planes look good and the other features should a make OFF even better. I do have one question though, In the pictures of the N24 it seems to have the rounded fuse just like the N24 bis. Shouldn't the N24 have the flat sided fuse like the N17? Scott "Hoghead" Dean
  3. Nieuport N.24

    I've always liked the rounded tail feathers of the 24. Looking forward to the addon. Scott "Hoghead" Dean
  4. Well looks like things are getting underway. I'm not going to start until I receive my Trackir which is scheduled to arrive today. I'm sure I'm going to need a day or two to get is set up and working as I want so it may be a couple of days before my first sortie. Olhman has created a single thread for the Hun to post their reports to, have we done the same for our side and if so could someone link it please. While it seems most of us have created a custom skin for their plane, I've never bothered to learn how. If anyone would be willing to create one for me I'd sure appreciate it. Scott "Hoghead" Dean
  5. OT What Job do you do?

    Wow, It's really amazing how diverse everyone's work history has been. In a group like this which tends to be a little older I figured most would respond something like "I graduated from high school/college, went to work for xyz for 25+ years and retired." As for myself after graduating high school I attended Universal Technical Institute for automotive repair as I had always enjoyed working on my and my friend's cars. After a year of working on Mom's grocery getters I realized there was a huge difference between working on 500 horsepower street rods and the family station wagon. Joined the Navy and wound up spending 24 years in submarines. After retiring with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up, I stumbled upon the Union Pacific Railroad website. I filled out an online application and after a couple years working as a freight conductor I took promotion to engine service. For the last three years I've been working as a through freight engineer. Just like every other red blooded American kid at some point I wanted to be an train engineer and now I are one. Scott "Hoghead" Dean
  6. Flying for the Brits is fine with me, where ever you need me works. Scott "Hoghead" Dean
  7. Hi all, Just came across this thread today as I've been away from OFF for awhile. I lost interest mainly due to the lousy view system but I just ordered my Trackir 5 and it shipped today, should have in a few days. Anyway I was wondering if I could still get in on this sounds fun. Thanks, Scott Dean
  8. Hey everyone, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the one thing that I think hampers OFF/CFS3 the most. I was never a member of the CFS community but I'd be willing to bet that one of the things that really affected CFS acceptance with the flight sim crowd was it's horrible view system. The nine view system has been a standard for years, without it any flight sim is doomed from the get go. Unfortunatly OFF suffers from this problem because it's based on the CFS engine. In addition to all the other things that have been mentioned, the fact that to really get the most out of OFF requires the purchase of a TrackIR system, is something most won't consider. I've been flying OFF (Phase II and III) using padlock to get around the view system but I don't really like it. I have TrackIR on my birthday wish list so hopefully soon I can give up the crutch. As far as Phase 4 is concerned, unless you guys can get your own engine or use a more capable one like IL2's I wouldn't even bother. To much work for to little return with CFS as the base engine. That being said I would gladly purchase any additional add ons, especially the one that fill in the gaps that already exist. Scott
  9. I managed to get a pilot to survive long enough to actually get some kills confirmed, and get a medal. Problem is if you look in the log book it says Confirmed kills 7, but on the claims side it only shows two claim forms confirmed for a total of 5 aircraft (3 Sopwith Tripes and 2 Nieuport 17s) Although you can't see all the claim reports the others show pending. The top claim still shows pending but it's the only other claim I have for two aircraft (would make the total 7) Devs any ideas? Thanks, Scott
  10. Olham, That's funny because I've found the Halberstadt to be the best early German scout of the bunch. Even better than the Alb DII and III. The poor forward view and the only one machine gun are the only problems with it I can find. Scott
  11. Well that answers that I guess. I have campaign only selected in workshops and thought that would ensure that even the number of flights would only be those logged in campaign. Oh well thanks for the info. Scott
  12. I've been noticing that often the number of missions flown doesn't correspond with the actual missions my pilot has flown. See the attached screen shot. In this case my pilot has flown 4 missions as the entries indicate yet next to the missions flown line it shows 7. I went into the log file in the campaign folder and it shows 4. Scott
  13. Manual re-start?

    You didn't run out of ammo your guns jammed. If your guns jam they will often "reset" themselves after awhile. I'm guessing this is a simulation of them jamming because they got to hot, then function returning after they cool off. Scott

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