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Okay. Got 1.28 properly installed and working.


Unzipped it with a trial version of Winzip to see if it would work. Will probably buy Winzip in the future.


I don't have a LOT of experience flying OFF/BHAH, so it's difficult to make meaningful comparisons...but relative to what I was seeing before, what I'm experiencing now seems greatly improved on many levels.


For one thing, shooting people down was a long process of expending lots of ammo and eventually they went in.


I just did a flight where we encountered some two-seaters while we were enroute to attack an aerodrome. Picked one out, lucked into a good firing angle (firing down into his cockpit area from pretty close range as he pulled up in front of me), hit him with about 100 rounds and WOW! Debris was flying, half a wing came off, and people were being tossed clear of the wreckage in mid air.


AI is very aggressive. Right after I got the one, I was hit (by a Nieuport flying fighter support, I think; only got a glimpse of him) and promptly disabled. All I could do to put it down in an open field without crashing.


The clouds, the rain, the graphics, the sounds: all seem better.


I think there's a new item in the Workshop that enables me to control the graphics, but I haven't touched it yet as everything seems to be working well in that regard.


Again: Kudos to you, gentlemen. Great game!





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