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RAF Phantom FGR Mk.3

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RAF Phantom FGR Mk.3

RAF Phantom FGR Mk.3, for SF/WoV/WoE/WoI and probably SF2


This is a mod of TMFs Phantom FGR.2 into a "What If..." FGR.3 upgraded variant that might have been used by the Royal Air Force in the 1990s through the early 2000s. One can assume "difficulties and issues" with the Tornado ADV and GR variants, that forced the MoD and RAF to upgrade and keep them operational until either the Tornados were sorted out or the EF-2000 Typhoon came on line.


This is a semi-complete mod, as I've included everything EXCEPT the aircraft lod files. You =WILL= be needing the original FGR.2 to copy these critical files from. All other parts, inis, the HUD equipped cockpit from the F-4EJ-Kai mod, and some weapons are included. You can get the FGR.2 from the following sources:






http://www.column5.us/miragef.shtml (the FGR.Mk2 -NOT the one marked EARLY)


CheckSix! (TMF Home Site)



The aircraft data ini has been 'updated' with some of the newer data from post-patch Phantoms, but remains essentially the same. The FM has NOT been touched.

The original Spey engines have been swapped out for the more powerful P&W F100-PW-220s from the Eagle, and you will have a noticable, but not overwhelming, gain in power.

Loadouts have been adjusted for a more "British" feel, and make use of as many 'stock' 3rd Wire weapons as possible (wing and centerline fuel tanks, SUU-23 gun pod, dumb bombs). Other weapons have been included.

The original skins, hangar screen, and decals are included. 2 new "patch.bmps" were created by me, depicting the individual squadrons represented (92 & 111).


This mod is designed for use with, I'm hoping, ANY weapons pak. You will just need to add a few things, which I've included (borrowed from both TMF's weapons pak of 1/09 and the BunyPak of ?/06. If you're already using the TMF pak, you needn't bother to add the weapons I've supplied, excepting the 3pak rocket pod mount.


= IMPORTANT: This aircraft has been tested, and is designed for use in Post-Patch SF/WoV/WoE/WoI. It should also work in SF2 and later iterations - this has NOT been tested, however.


As always, unzip this to a temp folder somwhere, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. You'll need to be reading it...really!


Happy Landings!


Kevin Stein


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You do know I'll have to download this, don't you Kevin ? :tongue:



Thankyou ! :good:

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After all, you ALMOST volunteered to do it!!



kevin stein

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