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Guest Barnstorm

Fantastic weather programing

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Guest Barnstorm

I just wanted to take a second and give "Kudos" to the OFF Dev Team for really fantastic weather details in BHaH. When ever I hear or read someone ask "why they should pay for P3 when P2 is free?", the improved weather conditions is only one of many improved immersion features.

For example:


I was assigned to Jasta 19 in January, 1917. As flight leader of 4 Albatross II's, our mission was to attack ground assets at a a railroad yard, some 80 miles from our air field. When we took off, it was only lightly snowing, with minimal wind. By the time we reached the approximate half way point to the target, we were at 7500-8000 ft alt, and the light snow had turned in to a blizzard with incredible wind gusts. It was all I could do to maintain control of my air craft in level flight. It was then, after input from my co-pilot (you've seen the license plates, right?), that I decided to abort the mission, and return home. There was no way I was going to be able to dive, strafe and climb while maintaining control--that is if I could even see anything to strafe. Ironically, one of my wingmen did not return from the mission, after all.


In P2, you only had to worry about flying through clouds to get buffeted by unseen weather. Now, in P3, the weather factor (and realism factor) has been cranked-up several notches.


Great Job to all involved. :good:

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