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Tu-4 Pack

Tu-4 Pack


Model by MontyCZ


Cockpit by Wrench {from T-4 AWAC what if.. plane}


Tu-4, Tu-4A, Tu-4K, Tu-4R, H-4, H-4A, KJ-1.


Tu-4 - first version (1947) 11 x B-20 guns, Kobalt Radar


Tu-4A - Nuclear Bomb Capable version (1951) , AvionicsDLL=EasyAvionics.dllNS-23 Guns, 'Kobalt' Radar


Tu-4K - Missile carrier version (1952), 10 x NS-23 Guns, 16X for Land Attack, KS-1 for Anty Ship missions, 'Kometa' Radar


Tu-4R - Recon version (1954), 10 x NS-23 Guns, 'Kobalt' + RP Radar, RWR, PhotoCameras, can used in bomber role


H-4 - Chinnese Tu-4A Version (1953), 10 x Type 23-1 Guns, 'Kobalt' Radar


H-4A - Version with AI-20K engines (1972), 10 x Type 23-1 Guns, 'Kobalt' Radar


KS-1 AWAC version with 'Liana' radar [radar from Tu-126] (1967), 2 avionics variants: Easy [at default] & hard, 2 x Type 23-1 Guns, AI-20K engines


Note: for use B-20 & Type 23-1 Guns You should update GUNDATA.ini {included in package}


Plane FM updated for usage with Oct 2008 patch, added avionics, loadout almost hystorical.


Soviet Recon cameras data included in ReconCam.ini, add Them to weapon data.


16X & updated ini for KS-1 included.& AFA-42 family Recon cameras ini included.


BRAB family AP bombs {antyship} included in my weapons pack


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