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ok i seem to have an annoying problem with every SU-27 mod i try, they dont seem to see all the AA missiles that are available to it, i have a weapon pack with all of them but it only ever seems to pick up the AA-2 and the AA-8, it wont see the longer range missiles like the AA-10/11/12, no matter what type of mission and even if i try a mig-29 which has those missiles then swap to the SU27 it wont let me select them, which is really annoying, does anyone have the ini files for a SU-27 that can use all the russian missiles?

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Guest rscsjsuso5

you need this Weapons Pack 2.52 by the WO*/SFP1 Community go to weapon section and download it.

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Open up your data.ini in the SU-27 folder and then scroll down to the Weapons section. Check to see what kind of weapons the stations will take.


 AttachmentPosition= -4.498,-2.65,-0.00 


Here is one station from my SU-27, the places I made bold determine the weapon type and country that it can sue. IRM means Infrared Missile like the aphid or archer, SAHM means Semi Active Homing Missile like the Apex or Alamo, AHM is Active Homing Missile like the adder. WP means Warsaw pact and Soviet is self explanatory. For ease of organization most Russian weapons are listed as Soviet even after 1991, since the weapon stocks didn't change when the Iron curtain fell.

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