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  1. well ive recently re-installed WOE and downloaded some planes for it like the F-22 and Eurofighter (although it wont show up for some reason), but what i want to know is are there any other better sims or mods that can represent these 2 planes the most realisticly? i.e. manouverability, stealth, TV etc.
  2. i keep seeing skins and mods of these peoples planes, like the Egyptian Spitfire, and i was wondering where i could get the original spitfire (and see what else they have)
  3. thanks for the link, i did a quick google but didnt find anything...but then i never have been good a looking for things
  4. ive just installed this, and i wanted to double check, it is just the UK mapped? only all the enemies seem to be based in the UK
  5. firstly, is there any way to have a 'free-flight' mode in this game? i.e. no enemy secondly can anyone give me a quick heads up on how to drop bombs with the older, gunsight-only, planes like the phantom, ie what kinda height, speed, distance and AoA should i be using to hit my target...i saw in a search that someone said 700ft at 700kts and pickle when the site is over the target but would this work in ole double ugly?
  6. ok, one more question, ive just downloaded the UK terrain map and i need to know whats to best mission editor, i want to be able to fly Phantoms out of Leuchars...
  7. damn...ive had to reduce my internet package and have a 2gig limit, this mod would be almost half of that
  8. anyone have a link to the Nighthawk on its own? ive had to cut back on my broadband package and i cant dl the whole mod
  9. any chance this could be modded into a GR5? I havent seen a GR5 available yet and i do think its the best looking member of the Harrier family....i will, however, be downloading this beauty
  10. not sure if this is allowed, so please delete if it isnt, but i downloaded the 2 FG1 Phantoms from Column5 and i was wondering if anyone could knock up some 43sqn skins for them, early and late models, the FG1 only served in 2 RAF squadrons and im surprised the guys only put 1 of them in... so of anyone can ive found some reference material http://www.aviation-picture-hangar.co.uk/R...d_Phantoms.html thanks in advance
  11. hmm, thats a bit complex for me, what im after is kinda like: at 5000ft and 500kts at ??? distance from target place pipper on target and release, basic stuff
  12. just installed Bongodriver's Eurofighter and there is no flame when you use afterburner, is this supposed to be like this?
  13. yups, thats the one, it was looking for a burner effect i didnt have, a quick retype and my Eurofighter has flamage again...cheers
  14. ok i seem to have an annoying problem with every SU-27 mod i try, they dont seem to see all the AA missiles that are available to it, i have a weapon pack with all of them but it only ever seems to pick up the AA-2 and the AA-8, it wont see the longer range missiles like the AA-10/11/12, no matter what type of mission and even if i try a mig-29 which has those missiles then swap to the SU27 it wont let me select them, which is really annoying, does anyone have the ini files for a SU-27 that can use all the russian missiles?
  15. on a slightly related note, i just installed the F-23 but when i go to external view the canopy is stuck open...any ideas?
  16. best sim for F-22 and Eurofighter?

    well i fixed the agiliy by changing some of the numbers to that of the F-22, not realistic i know but it does handle better....now the only thing wrong is that there is no flames in full AB (ext view), anyone know how to sort this?
  17. best sim for F-22 and Eurofighter?

    err where is this ini file, i cant find one on the folder at all edit: nm got it sorted, although i could do with knowing how to add the AMRAAM, i have a weapons pack and it works with the F-22, and whats the fix fpr the agility?
  18. Don't forget the F4K & M (best looking Phantom version EVER), by the way there is a Royal Navy F4 skin on the Skunkworks site
  19. Would it be possible for the Devs (or some clever chappie) to put in a quickfight mode (a la CFS and IL-2) where you pick a plane to fly, a plane to fight and a location. And maybe a freeflight mode where we can just admire the planes without getting our tailplanes blown off. If there is somewhere to make these suggestion officially let me know.
  20. Both points are valid, but I do like to be able to choose my enemy without having to edit mission files etc
  21. OK I will try this, but you must admit it would be easier with a quickfight menu?? And is there an official suggestion forum or e-mail address? I know I sound like a pain but this game has a lot of potential and I would just like to see it turn into one of the best sims around, giving as many people as many options as they want,
  22. well, lets just hope there is a really clever modder out there who wants to do it (I just wish I could)
  23. Does anyone know for definite whether or not MFD's can be put in this game, otherwise making the more modern planes may be a bit pointless.
  24. Is anybody working on the other Phantom versions, i.e. the J, S, K & M as the skins for these planes just do not look right on the wrong model.

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