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  1. So I updated to the latest patch and then ran as admin and that seems to have fixed it. Things work fine for the most part save for some weird texture issues and once where the game locked up completely. I'll keep fiddling with settings.
  2. Hey all. I decided to reinstall SF2 and have some fun on my windows 10 rig but I'm running into some weird problems. The first is I've got now guns. At first I was too lazy to pull out the joystick so I played KBM and no matter what I did with the mappings it wouldn't change from the default spacebar mapping. Then I hooked up my joystick which works great except now I have no guns at all. I mapped it to my trigger and that shows in the control config correctly but when I fire, I get nothing. I also notice that even though I set the trigger to primary guns and the top button to selected weapon, the trigger fires my selected weapon (bombs, missiles etc) and the top button does nothing. Is this a windows 10 bug or something else?
  3. Man that was hard! I'm missing one vertical stab and elevator not to mention most avionics out, no wing leveler or auto pilot and damaged engines. She was pulling to the right to whole time and I had to manually fly it home, alt+n didn't work. Almost dodged that SA-9, almost.
  4. This is a weird one i just noticed after decided to do a fighter sweep in an F-86A. Seems if I go into 1950 or earlier SF2 has trouble actually building the mission and putting other planes on the screen. I have made the correct ini edits to have expanded years and I have aircraft on both sides that go as far back as 1947 I think. For the F-86 as soon as I hopping in the cockpit TACCOM said mission accomplished as if I shot them all down. I tried another mission striking a target with a F-80 and the game crashed before getting to the loadout screen. Note if I got above 1950 It's fine.
  5. I'll give you that if you can get the jump on MiG-17s or 19s they will never know what hit them. But if its already a furball forget it. Early AAMs just don't work in a dogfight.
  6. What range are you at? That never works for me. Also that's not a radar its a launcher, how is it homing? If I need to designate targets that's fine but then I have another problem, in SF2 for whatever reason designating ground targets is far more hit or miss than in SF1. Even if its a mission where I have to strike a particular asset I rarely can light it up until after I have passed it closely. Classing taccom for a vector doesn't help illuminate it either like it does for hostile aircraft. Runways and such are fine, follow the waypoint and hit that runway, but if its a bunker, which one? Or if its SEAD and I have mavericks I have to risk ground fire just to get the targets to designate, all the while i'm furiously mashing on e and r trying to pull them up. Is there a setting where I can adjust this?
  7. That would explain the discrepancy. Thanks
  8. I didn't think you had to designate it. You don't have to for IRMs, and AHM/SAHM require radar lock but not designation. Also I'm having issues with ground target designation. I can light up any aircraft nearby, but ground targets are a pain to designate, even if I am right on top of them and they show on the map. Is there a way to change this?
  9. I can't seem to get anti-radiation missiles to work properly. Be it shrikes or standard arms, they just wont track. I wait till my rwr is beeping away with a radar at 12 o'clock only a few miles ahead and fire......and it flies straight and never homes in. I'm not even trying to fire them far away or during crazy maneuvering. I thought ARMs home in on radar sources, why aren't they tracking?
  10. I tried adding 2IR, but when I went to change my mission loadout I only had standard 1 missile per pylon.
  11. Is there an ini edit to allow a weapon point to carry a dual IRM rail like on the F-100 or F-4?
  12. [Fictional] Dassault Convair F-116A Scimitar

    Why did you give a jet with no radar, radar guided missiles?
  13. I can't seem to get this to work. I have copied the files to just about every location mentioned in this thread. Main folder, main flight, main menu, mod flight and mod menu. I can see no discernible difference in the game so I think it's not working.
  14. What exactly happens? Does the game crash upon starting it or do you have a ctd when you try to start a mission? When you installed the game did windows produce a popup that said the program did not install correctly? If the install worked but the game wont run or you CTD I would try messing with the program compatibility options. Tell it to run in as if it was in windows 7 and make sure to run as administrator. That can often clear up a lot of compatibility issues.
  15. Gotcha, sorry the "dedicated mods folder" thing threw me off.

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