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Probs with Veltros birds

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Ok I try it here , cause no one can help me in the other forum, I have downloaded this bird and the Gearbay is totaly missing,.. so I decided to redownload it, maybe something get lost during the download, but still the same?! I see all the people saying "Hey great... juchu good work" And stuff like this, it looks ok but there are still parts missing, that`s not nitpicking, a missing gearbay with the feature to look trought the whole plane is a fact. Is it BETA or is the file broken... found similar holes in some of the other birds from veltro?! Are they all beta?! The Tu-95 has a great gearmodell, never saw something like this in this sim, realy damn good work on the gears, but the holes in the inner nacelles????? This doesn`t fit for me, so much work put into the gear stuff and the rest is beta??


this is no negative critic, please don`t see it this way, just try to find out if it`s my misstake? Maybe a wrong setting in my config.ini I don`t know

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I think some are beta - others may not be to a high level of detail - but i couldn't tell without comparing them to actual photos - unless he does an F-16 of course.


Have you got any screen shots of the problems?

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