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OT : Red Baron Movie

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Sorry but does anyone know anything regarding the release of the Red Baron Movie in UK? DVD or Cinema Release? When?


I know this was released in Germany last year.

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Tough to get info on this title. Here's what I've been able to gather so far.


DVD release dates:

Finland: 4 February 2009

Sweden: 4 February 2009

Germany: 6 February 2009

China: 10 February 2009

Iceland: 16 April 2009


There's supposed to be a Blu-Ray version out as well I'm told.

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Hi Winston & Flashart,


It's already out in English (I picked up a DVD in the Czech Republic that offered English language as well as Czech) in some European countries though I haven't seen any Blue-Ray versions yet. You might be able to find it on mail order.


If you're looking for historical accuracy then you'd be severely disappointed, but if you're looking for a "ripping yarn" in the same vein as Flyboys - then this is for you.


IMHO: The fight scenes are not as dramatic/cinematic as Flyboys but more convincing.

I see it as a German compliment to the (Allied focussed) Flyboys movie and enjoyed it thoroughly.

However, I think it's one for WW1 fans only and I doubt you'd get your girlfriends/wives to sit through it. (My wife ran out of the room as soon as she saw the bi-planes).



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I see it's getting a few more DVD releases lately. I enjoyed this movie immensly. I've watched it several times already mostly for the flying scenes in Dolby Digital surround on my Sony 40" XBR LCD. I watched Flyboys a few times but somehow this movie makes me feel more "at home" after flying OFF for so long. I have the NTSC Chinese knockoff version and was surprised to see that this film, although made in Germany with German actors, English is the spoken language and for the German version they had to dub it to German. How strange is that?


I think I'll make a pot of coffee and watch it again right now so my joystick hand san get a break from OFF. I'm always startled by the scene that starts from a fade out of a very quiet moment to a scene of a bomb exploding on the front lines that's just been dropped by a Handly Page bomber. My subwolfer rattles my whole living room with that explosion!

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