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Update on Work in Progress

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I've been busy in the SF files since the release of the LEF tweak. I've just about finished a set of further tweaks to all aircraft according to data found at http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/index.htm and http://www.fas.org/index.html. Only ones left to do are the bombers


I've found that with proper thrust with and without afterburner the AI continue to react better, Mig 17's are now trying the low and slow dogfight tactics they were historically known for against the Nato flyables, about the only aircraft that can stay somewhat behind the mig below 300 knots is the A4's which I haven't finished tweaking yet. The migs can still outclimb the SSabre but I doubt they can outclimb the phantom..it has twice the thrust. I'm awaiting further data on it for IRL best cornering speeds, stall speeds, max performance climb speeds and angles and best performance climb speed and angle


I'm slowly finding all of this data on the other aircraft as well. When finished I plan on submitting the tweaked dat files to TK for his input as well as Andy Bush for his.


List of things done so far


Mig 17 engine data now corrected: results are more realistic behavior from the AI flying the Migs, fuel lasting almost twice as long (11 minute dogfight with Mig 17 in Supersabre from speeds above mach 1 down to near stall speed..his wing got me..bastard :lol: )


F104 G top speed now realistic but as I have it set now..the thrust I think is a bit too high..see the screenshot: http://members.cox.net/cptdarkknight/Mach%20guage.jpg

Andy Bush has provided me a link to some further data on the Starfighter..I will be perusing it as soon as I finish this post. I think with tweaked out FM's we are going to see a bunch of very different combat behavior from the AI..and as of yet..I haven't seen anything from the AI I don't like..Mig 17s are now attempting High and Low Yo Yo's in an effort to gain an advantage with the new thrust..its looking really good.


F100 thrust was right on the money, no changes there..Mig 21 was underpowered in the Dat files..found good data on it at the above sites as well.


Mig 19 was after conversion back to lbs about 100 lbs of thrust off..tweaked to exact numbers..these are all assuming the data at these websites are correct..in comparision with three or four other sites..they seem to be in agreement.



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