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I wonder…

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Just going over the various threads and getting caught up on some of the latest news and views and I started to wonder…


Are there any stats on how many actively participating members there are in the OFF forums? With that, I suppose, would be some indication of the size of the OFF community in general if we assume that most OFF players are also OFF forum members.


I guess I wonder how much of a 'silent participants' group is part of the picture here. Some of us don't post very much or very often, yet we may visit the forums almost daily and I'm one of those. Others post frequently, so it's hard to get an idea from 'posts and views' statistics just what kind of a membership we have particularly when the figures represent all viewers including those who are just curious 'lookers' and multiple view occurrences by the same user, etc.


Has a poll or survey ever been conducted to find out…eg Active members and numbers of posts or post categories?


Just wondering…

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