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Herr Prop-Wasche

Intermediate DM for QC aircraft

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The readme explains it all:

Intermediate QC Damage Model for OFF BHaH v1.0


by Herr Prop-Wasche


Thank you for downloading version 1.0 of my intermediate QC damage model for Between Heaven and Hell, the marvelous WWI flight sim modification of CFS3 by OBD Software. I would first like to express my thanks and appreciation to OBD Software for allowing me to release an intermediate damage model based upon their already excellent "hardcore" damage model. Except for any changes made by me, the damage model for OFF remains the sole work and property of OBD Software.


What this version does: this version of the damage model is roughly "halfway" between the easy and hardcore damage models already released by OBD. Alterations were simply made to the ailerons, aileron cables, and wings of most QC aircraft so that they are roughly 75% as strong as they are in the hardcore DM. I believe this results in somewhat more varied and believable aircraft performance when damaged than currently seen in either of the already existing damage models. NOTE: At this time, changes have ONLY been made to the damage model of QC aircraft. Version 1.0 of this damage model does not change the DM of any of the aircraft in the campaign! An updated version of the DM for the campaign will be released if requested by enough people.


INSTALLATION: Because my damage model is based upon a revision of OBD's hardcore damage model, it is important that you first install the hardcore damage model available from OBD Software at their website: www.overflandersfields.com After you have completed installation of the hardcore damage model, unzip the Intermediate_OFF_DM file to the OBDSoftware\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields folder. DO NOT unzip the file into the aircraft folder itself! If prompted, simply click "Yes to all" when asked if you wish to replace files.


If you have any questions or experience any problems with the installation of this mod, you can reach me at www.combatace.com at the Over Flanders Field forum. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the mod!

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