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More designs on the last minute

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The "Mad Skinner" looks at the clock - oh my god; half past nine;

I haven't eaten a decent meal, nor have I shaved; and the worst -

I haven't made even one flight in BHaH today!

Now I'm beginning to get a feeling for how Paarma, Makai and the other skinners must

have felt in the final "days of duty" for BHaH.


Here are some results, which I will get ready for the contest. Three more are still


The Albatros "Feuervogel" (Firebird) was inspired first by Herr Prop Wasche/"Taffy",

who wanted a plane painted like a bird. Thinking of some special bird, Cameljockey

came to my mind with his "Leutnant Feuervogel". And so this extremely painted Alby

came to life. It's for you, CJ and "Taffy".


The "Wespe" was finally finished with a shark mouth, I got from Widowmaker (thanks again!).

But you wouldn't believe how long it took me, to get the mouth right, as it's on three

parts of the plane, and then wouldn't fit together. It took me all afternoon, and I'm not

sure it was worth it.

But then I could also use the mouth for the Albatros D V Seefrosta 1917 "Haifisch".

I read recently, that the Albatros had been called "Haifisch" by some German pilots,

due to it's sleak shape. And so I did one for the seaside (not yet finished).


Tomorrow, I will try to finish two or three more, but I'm not sure, how far I'll get.

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Wow Olham. I'm diggin all the feathers on the Feuervogel. Nice work as always.



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