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  1. Gun Room.

    Whoa....if thats someone's personal collection, they're welcome to shoot with me anytime. -Rooster
  2. OFF screenshots

    Heres two from me. The second one I made using Widowmaker's method of taking a picture of clouds and chopping planes out of OFF screenies. This one was made to resemble the artwork on the cover of RBII. -Rooster
  3. Hmmm...I'd like more early war aircraft myself. Especially 2-seaters. Like Dej said, I think it'd be pretty neat if the devs could rig up a rifle in the backseat instead of a machinegun for the really early birds. Albatros C series Voisins Fokker D.II Avro 504K Morane Parasol -Rooster
  4. Amigas "Wings" Diary

    I never played Wings before and after reading some of the diary, I really wanted to give it a try. So I found Winuae Amiga emulator online and downloaded it and tried to set it up, only to find you need to buy the kickstart ROMs to even use the thing. I only wanted to try playing Wings so I gave up, saying "guess I'll never play that one." But then I remembered seeing a game called Wings (that had a screenshot almost exactly the same as the one Jarhead posted) available for the Gameboy Advance. So I downloaded a Gameboy Advance emulator and Wings. Im not sure if its exactly the same as the Wings you fellas know, but it has to be really close. Give it a try if you want. Gameboy Advance emulator- http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/gba/vboyadvance.html Wings- http://www.coolrom.com/roms/gba/14337/Wings.php Just place the Wings files into the VisualBoyAdvance folder and then start the emulator. Go to file/open, then select wings. have fun, -Rooster
  5. I've never really heard of painting busts before, but they look pretty cool. All of them look really good. Is it just me or does Iti's last pic look a bit like Clint Eastwood? -Rooster
  6. No way! Im with Flyby on this one. Harriet Quimby gets my vote hands down. Did you guys even see her??? -Rooster
  7. OT: Red Baron (the original)

    Ahh good memories with that old game. It was my first ever game. I remember the day I got it. And a red and black logitech joystick. That game is the sole reason why I got interested in WW1 aviation. Just hearing the intro music brings a tear to my eye from all the good times I had with her. One of my favorite parts was that as you earned medals you got to see them shimmering on your pilots chest. -Rooster
  8. I think you can get Blazing Angels for Xbox 360. I have it for the Nintendo Wii. Im not very fond of it though. Its more of an arcade shoot em up with WWII planes than a simulation. -Rooster
  9. Whoa, I really like what you did with that screenie Stary. Looks like it could be a real photo. -Rooster
  10. Or...instead of having the seats turn into floatation devices, why doesnt the plane just turn into a boat? -Rooster
  11. Just stumbled across this tonight, thought I'd share it. Its another Online book called "An Aviators Field Book". Its the field reports and notes of Boelcke. http://www.archive.org/texts/flipbook/flippy.php?id=aviatorsfieldboo00blrich Happy reading, -Rooster
  12. Sorry Lou, I looked for the thread which you had that list in to see if this book was already on there, but I couldnt find it. Thanks again for the link to the zip file. -Rooster
  13. Thinking of...

    Ok. I gotcha now Siggi. Sounds good to me. -Rooster
  14. When I read the title to this thread I thought it was gonna be about the way I learned to make aluminum models........out of beer cans But that stuff's mind blowing. The detail is amazing. -Rooster
  15. Thinking of...

    Im with 77Scout on this one. -Rooster
  16. Thanks Creaghorn, gonna have to brush up on my German a bit now. -Rooster
  17. I like that pic alot Mack. Thanks for my new background. -Rooster
  18. Yep, cant wait. This is gonna be a blast. Great idea Siggi. One question though..... Should all of us flying for the Kaiser enlist as Flieger, except for Olham? -Rooster
  19. I prefer the DFW myself. Too many rough landings in the Roland due to not being able to see when the ground is coming! lol. -Rooster
  20. Drawing looks good so far Puff, I really like your artwork. The only thing that I can see that looks "odd" is the wingspans. It appears that all the wings are equal span, whereas the middle wings should be slightly longer than the bottom ones and the top one slightly longer than the middle ones. Other than that it looks great. -Rooster
  21. Yep, theyre still there Duce, lol. My first ever airplane ride was in that plane. Its a blast when the pilot fires up the engine and thats all you can hear, rumbling down the grass field to take off. Then flying around over the Hudson, wind whistling through the wires and slapping your face. Somehow it just feels right. -Rooster
  22. Sign me up for the Kaiser Siggi! Im in on this. Sounds like some good fun. -Rooster
  23. Hey Duce, its actually not that hard at all. Just go to C:\OBDSoftware\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\campaigns\CampaignData\Pilots. Then open up the pilot dossier for your current pilot and scroll down. You'll see a list of names and ranks of the pilots in your squadron. Just substitute the names you want (be sure not to delete any semi-colons and the like) and save as, and youre good to go. -Rooster
  24. In order to get the feeling like I'm part of the squadron I like to change all the names of the pilots in my squadron (except for historical ones) into names of friends in RL. Its kinda depressing though when you go to the duty room and see the list of pilots and find all your friends are dead. -Rooster

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