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campaign question

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1st off it depends on the campaign. If the campaign was designed for the add on mod planes then yes you need them to get the campaign to work properly. Most of us who design campaigns always put a list of which planes are needed to make the campaign work right.


If you have the downloaded planes already then put them in the \objects\airfraft folder. You should then be able to play and fly those aircraft in single player missions and those campaigns that were designed to use the planes you have installed.


Some campaigns are very time line based and will only need maybe 5-8 planes others wll use pretty much every plane thats been made by these great Plane designers.


Now if your looking for more planes then your at the right spot at CA. This link will take you right to the WWI plane download page here at CA. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...&showcat=70


There are others I would suggest such as http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/Skunworks1.html

THey have alot of planes as well. You must sign-up there to gain access but its easy and they are great designers. Some of their planes may be here at CA but im not sure. Make sure and read the user agreement and understand it. THere are some limitations to what you can do to thier mods.


Also try charles page for some great info about mods and the scritping if you want



I will check back later adn see if this answered your questions...


Peace out... :blind:

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