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Arm wrestling with Manfred

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This flight was funny. At the start, my flight was in the first line; von Richthofen, Wolff,

Almenroder and more aces, started second to us. So we were the first to approach two

FE2b, and I put quite some rounds into both to slow them down for the kill.

But there, Manfred in his red craft and his other Top Guns arrived and happily shot both

planes up like nothing, within the blink of an eye!

I was really annoyed! But out of the towering grey clouds cam a flight of 4 BE2c; so I

picked out one of those. But when I had it just half finished, Manni came from above

like a Jojo - obviously to attack my two seater. What could I do now?

Well, I pulled my craft to the left, right inbetween von Richthofen and the BE2c. And it

worked - he pulled out and away, and let me finish my job; which I did.

Still though, I'll have a few words with him, when they come back (we went home earlier,

as I had shot all my ammo).

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Wasn't necessary - he seemed to be a gentleman, when he realised. And it wouldn't be my style! Lol!

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Well, you could always just shoot MvR down. It's not like he's going to get hurt or anything. :biggrin:


That gets 56 Sqn's vote. 'Course they may be ever so slightly biased :grin:

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