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  1. I'd gladly start our new DID campaign here. Everything works better and is much more modern. The other site is so 1990's.
  2. There's a few of us still around, though the forum is dead. SimHQ is a terrible, terrible site. I wish the devs would move back here.
  3. Lothar Maps

  4. The map is there, and so are many of the required planes too. Unfortunately the Italian front will most likely never happen, though it would be an awesome addition to WOFF.
  5. What aircraft is this?

    Yeah, I also think it's an Albatros B.I.
  6. Biggles Flies Again...!

    Biggles books have also been translated into several other languages. I remember reading a few of the books in my youth. I was going through a period of adventure literature, which included works from E. R. Burroughs, Karl May, W. E. Johns and C. S. Forester. Good times!
  7. I'm not aware of any such unit histories. All books seem to be either about specific Jastas or aces, who naturally spent most of their careers in Jastas. And there aren't many such books either. I guess one problem for research is the loss of many of the Prussian military archives in WW2. Many Luftstreitkräfte war diaries were lost, so there's not much source material for aviation historians to research.
  8. Thanks for the book recommendation! Sounds interesting. Not too many books have been written about those escadrilles.
  9. Old men start the wars, but young men must fight them.
  10. pronounce "Richtofen"?

    Hauskbee, try this link for the pronunciation: https://forvo.com/word/manfred_von_richthofen/#de
  11. pronounce "Richtofen"?

    Also note that there's an H right after Richt, so it's Richthofen, not Richtofen. The name is composed of two words, Richt and Hofen. I suppose the English translation would be something like "Court of Judgement."
  12. I was also one of the moderators. I think there were four of us. Hauksbee, Lou, Dej and yours truly. Four is probably excessive for our current needs though. It's very quiet here now compared to those good old days.
  13. Well, they were only a few years old, so I'd still call them pretty modern.
  14. SMS Ostfriesland was a Helgoland-class battleship - among the most modern battleships serving in the Kaiserliche Marine during the Great War. She had three sister ships: Helgoland, Thüringen and Oldenburg. SMS Ostfriesland took part in all the major naval operations of the German navy in the war, also the famous Battle of Jutland in 1916.
  15. SimHQ nearly makes my eyes bleed, so I've been hanging around here instead. However, the devs are there and I don't think they're going to switch forums anytime soon, so it's inevitable that most activity will also take place at SimHQ.

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