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After all,i've decided to use it as ODS G buffs pit.

It's the A-6E stargetic inside the Buff fuselage like Lexx did for the old Buffs,so nothing new,but just something to fly new stratofortresses!

The colour matches and overall look is not bad I think.

Thanks also to Gbreuder that identifies the correct positioning!

So my thoughts are (seeing the screenshot) the capabiltyto use radarscope as a permanent camera (LLLTV with LGB aim capability) almost like an "EVS" and set the radarscreen in upper right position cause G radar station isn't in the pit.

Any help is more than appreciated!

Anyway i'm using stock A-6E pit, with his Cockpi.ini and avionics.ini just tweaked as Lexx said for stargetic use



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Man good to see it.


Assume radar is not for pilot eyes, so you are good to go there philosophically hehe.


You should repaint the inside of the crew compartment to colour of your choice. What were B-52s of ODS era painted inside pilot compartment? If I recall, there is a small square box lower right corner on the B-52 skin NOSE bmp that maps to the inside cockpit. But that is for SF 2006-, don't know about New SF.


Or, you can apply a decal to the 3D mesh that colours the inside of the crew compartment. Both methods have some advantages. Anyway, you can do some interior decorating on this one, but not much. Something besides deep black.

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