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Hi, i just recently got SFV2 and i'm looking for some terrain and/or campaigns/missions since the only thing there is is a single mission random gen thing. An editor would be nice too, but i've tried the french one (the name escapes me) but it does'nt seem to work for SF2V?? Thanks

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Yeah - Its going to be a while until many things are redone specifically for the new SF2 series.


People have put the Green Hell 2 tree mod into SF2V - and that will tell you which terrain to use.


Be careful on file paths though - the terrain will need to go in your my documents now - which on XP would be here:


C:\Documents and Settings\<name>\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam\Terrains\VietnamSEA


Which is totally different to where the game is installed - a good attempt to separate the modded files and stop people deleting core files i guess


Note you have to create the Terrains and VietnamSEA folders yourself.


if your not sure look at some other threads first

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Ok thanks, I've tried to use some campaigns but no avail...I've been putting the modded stuff in the documents folder (Vista) and it tends to work, but i guess i'll just have to wait until they make some SF2 compatabile stuff.

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