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LAN Games possible?

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Hello all,


I have purchased OFF and, pending some technical issues, should be up and flying soon.


I purchased the game primarily for LAN games so I can prove to my Dad that I'm a better pilot than he is.


But I've read a few comments here and there about multiplayer being one of the weaknesses of OFF.


I also only ever see references to online games - which I'm definitely keen to get involved in (though I have no knowledge about direct ip connection for internet gaming).


But my question is are LAN games an option? Or is that the same as direct ip?

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This is how i have done it (should be the same for you, but you know how that goes)


Most important thing i can remeber that you have to do, is to make sure when you host the game, and are going thru all the options the host has available is to DESECLET the "show my game in cfs3 server" box (or something very close to that)


started game on computer 1, and hosted a mp game.


started game on computer 2, and went to the mp medal, and the game that was hosted on computer 1 was already there in the server list. If you are hosting a internet game, the "icon" for the game in the server list is signal strength bars. If you are hosting a LAN game, the icon for the game in the server list is two computers, and then the signal strenth bars

So all computer 2 should need to do is dbl click on the computer icon iin the server list, and you will be connected.


Goes without saying that the lan has to be set up already, and not firewalled, ect ect.. Make sure you can at least transfer files between computers.


And just to let u know, you would think a lan game would play great, but i have on occasion saw alot of stuttering in a lan game. Admittedly, i dont have 2 "fast" computers to do this with, so that could have been the problem.


will put up a screen shot later when i have time.


Once you get it set up, think about taking it one step further and connecting with some of us die hard mp players.


Just to clarify, this is for a lan setup thru a router. It is a wireless router, but it is the same if the computers on the lan are hardwired and/or wireless. If you are trying to connect thru a hub, not sure if it will work. Going to assume that once the hosts game is up, and you are trying to join on the other computer, you would enter the hosts internal ip (which you get from ipconfig in a dos box).


For the screenshot below, like i said, the link for the game just seems to be there automatically once i get the othere computer to the host/join window. If it wasnt, then i can just go to join game, and either entere the internal ip (198.162.x.x), or the exterenal ip (which would make it for all intentional purposes an internat game, and not a lan game).




hope this helps

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