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File Name: Su-30MKI mod

File Submitter: tomcat21

File Submitted: 27 May 2009

File Updated: 3 Aug 2009

File Category: Modern Soviet Aircraft


Edit: Made some small loadout tweaks and a few other small things. Also deleted the L005 ECM pod since it has internal ECM *i think i added it correctly* and made it so hopefully when you choose a wingtip missile it woill be mounted against the pylon and not floating under it



This is a Su-30MKI sim mod on the Su-30KN and Su-27PU mods by Jv44KT.


Ive added the skin from the Su-30/Su-27PU flanker into this file


because it was the only one to match the canards *I plan on making a


new skin for it if I have time to, that way it would look alot closer


to the ones on the MKI* I tried to get the canards as close as I


could so it would look like there were no gaps between them LERX and


the canards. I also fiddled with the flgith model to try to give it


some sort of TVC, but I got it to move a bit *the AB will move up and


down but not by much* I wanted to make it move a bit more to increase


performance, but I dint want to mak it unstable. I tried to make the


canards movable too, but i couldnt get it to work so I just reverted


back to how it normally was. I got the idea for this after seeing the


Su-33 sim mod and the Su-35 sim mod made by Lindr2, and thought that


this would be a nice addition. All Credits go out to :


Jv44kt for the model


Lindr2 and MarcFighter for the Flight Model


MarcFighter and Erwin_Hans for the sounds


MarcFighter and BPAO Su-27 cockpit for the Cockpit


Lindr2 for the Radar Screen


Jv44kt,Erwin_Hans for the skins and tail from MarcFighter's Su-27


Fastcargo for the canards


thank you for creating a wonderful plane. Without you this wouldnt be



I just hope you all like it.



The Su-30MKI was jointly designed by Russia's Sukhoi and India's


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The MKI's airframe is a


development of the Russian Su-27 series while most of the avionics


were developed by India. The Su-30MKI is more advanced than the basic


Su-30MK or the Chinese Su-30 MKK aircraft. Its avionics, aerodynamic


features and components are similar to the Su-35.[11]


The aircraft featured many modifications over the Su-27 and the


Su-30MK variant. These included canard fore-planes, 2-dimensional


thrust vectoring control (TVC), Russian-made N011-M passive phased


array radar (PESA) and a range of avionics complex sourced from


Russia, France, Israel and India which includes display, navigation,


targeting and electronic warfare systems. It is also speculated that


the passive phased array Radar Irbis-E will be added to the fighter


jet by 2010, when the first totally-built Su-30MKI will roll out from


HAL Nasik




1. Unzip the Su-30MKI folder to your WOE/objects/aircraft directory

or unzip file and post it there manually


2. Copy the sounds into the sounds folder


3 Post weapons to the weapons folder and add the weapon data to your


weaponsdata.ini file and save it with weaponeditor.


4 Add the canard files into the aircraft folder, otherwise they


wouldnt show.

5.see if it shows and go have fun



Changes Made

There were only two changed I made, and that was the addition of a


internal ECM jammer and I Moved the position of the jammer pods down a


bit so they look similar how they would be added on actual planes.


other than that, its pretty much the same as the original. Also, I


tried to experement with TCV, so the roll rate might be alittle high.


the original planes can be found here at combat ace




Click here to download this file

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iirc, this was one of the pirated models, stolen from marcfighters

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