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X52 and Throttle Dead Zones

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Hey all, thanks for reading. I have an X52, and it seems like when my Throttle hits only about 3/4 of the physical range up. the game already reports 100% throttle. I know there is an "afterburner" range on the X52, but even well before that the game reports 100%. How do I best change my settings to get the full range of throttle properly aligned to the physical range? Thanks for your help!

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OK - Resolved. My settings got wacked out when I rehooked up my rudder pedals. To help others that may have this problem, here is what I did to fix it:






DeadZone=3.000000 <-------------CHANGED THIS TO A LOWER VALUE! - Your results may vary of course, but MUCH better for me!!!













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Another thing you might want to do is to right click on the default.Ini (Or whatever the file is named on your system) and click the read only box. If you don't do that then any time you go to the control options screen you will lose your custom values.


I had to do this because my joystick was great in the pitch and roll axis, but sloppy in the yaw axis and i needed a different value for just that one axis.


Also make sure all you buttons are Mapped before you make the file read only.


Hope this helps!

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