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  1. Good read. Thanks! This may help also... http://combatace.com/topic/69652-series-1-in-windows-7-64-bit/ I played around with the values a little today and got 3 complete custom campaign missions, but then CTD. My install has just about all the mod planes from the late 30s to 2020 with custom campaigns i wrote for areas like Solomon Islands,Battle of Britain,Korea,Cuba,WOE Germany, Vietnam and other terrains. Its a 45 gig install because i also have different aircraft folders so i can fly single missions and control what i encounter by just re-naming the aircraft folder,you just need to make sure the folder includes all pilot files and you can swap plane folders at will. Some WWII birds fly better than others in 08 levels, but its a blast to fly a F4U or P-40E and shoot down zeros! I play around with the flight models, but i can't say i have fixed all the WWII birds, spits still pitch up,A5Ms tumble out of the sky and i'm still not happy with the P-51. Hopefully we can get WOE working better in Win8.1, i'm getting tired of FS9 and Cliffs of Dover, i want my sim back! Todays test settings were... [GraphicsSettings] ZBufferDepth=24 MaxVertexCount=32768 MaxIndexCount=65536 MaxTextureCount=32768 MaxModelType=8192 MaxMeshPerScene=8192 MaxModelPerScene=8192 MaxLightPerScene=4096 AspectRatio=1.333333 <---- This number may be different depending if you have a widescreen monitor or not. Keep the value you currently have. MinPixelSize=1.0 [WorldSettings] SectorWidth=20 SectorHeight=20 SectorMaxObject=8192 Border=80000.0 MinHeight=2.0 MaxHeight=35000.0 Hope it will help.
  2. I am having the same issues. I am sure there is a fix for it, i just have not found it yet. First off, Make sure you have a clean install and patch up to 08 level AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A VERSION OF DIRECTX 9 installed on you system, win8.1 does not include it and some versions won't install, I believe the version i used was directx_Jun2010_redist.exe but if you google it you will find it and it will install without issue. Then open your FLIGHTENGINE.INI (You may need to extract it) and edit the following sections... [GraphicsSettings] ZBufferDepth=24 MaxVertexCount=32768 MaxIndexCount=65536 MaxTextureCount=32768 MaxModelType=4096 MaxMeshPerScene=4096 MaxModelPerScene=8192 MaxLightPerScene=2048 AspectRatio=1.333333 <---- This number may be different depending if you have a widescreen monitor or not. Keep the value you currently have. MinPixelSize=1.0 And i believe this is the section causing the problem... [WorldSettings] SectorWidth=20 SectorHeight=20 SectorMaxObject=4096 Border=80000.0 MinHeight=2.0 MaxHeight=35000.0 Also, I'm not sure if this helps but i am running as administrator and set for Windows XP service pack 3 compatibilty mode. This should allow you to finish some campaign missions. Where i think the issue is, is when too many objects appear and overload the game. I have been playing around with the "SectorMaxObject=" section and i have gone from never being able to complete a campaign mission to only running into issues when there are alot of objects in the mission. I'm pretty sure when we figure out these settings we will have the game working again in windows 8.1. Alot of people will tell you to upgrade to the new version, but it has minor changes and as a bonus you get to pay for aircraft that were included in previous versions for free. This is just my opinion, but version 2 could have been handled as a patch but instead they released a slightly updated version, Locked away alot of the modding features and its being used to finace a company that is now turning its back on the PC market that made it profitable for Handheld Device software. I won't reward that and i have a ton of time invested in my WOE install and i'm not starting over for no more than the minor changes that SFP2 offers. Also, just to be clear i tried SFP1NA and i really just don't think it is that much better that WOE with mods. Few around here still mess with V1 of the game, but if you make any progress please post it and i'll do the same, best of luck!
  3. I have been in a self-imposed exile for over a year due to shooting my mouth of here back then. My Apologies again to the main person involved and those i offended back then, while i did not really break forum rules, i was way outta line so i e-mailed the person involved, apologized and disappeared for awhile. If i am not welcome here anymore, just say the word and i'll be gone again. Of course i returned for help and the only good place for advice on the SFP1 series is Combat Ace and i have Windows 8.1 which don't play so nice together. What i have done so far... 1. Did a fresh install from the Disk. 2. Patched up to 2008 Level 3. Installed Direct X 9 Runtimes 4. Tried various Compatability settings on the WOE.EXE 5. Tried various FLIGHTENGINE.INI Tweaks going as high as... [GraphicsSettings] ZBufferDepth=24 MaxVertexCount=32768 MaxIndexCount=65536 MaxTextureCount=32768 MaxModelType=4096 MaxMeshPerScene=4096 MaxModelPerScene=8192 MaxLightPerScene=2048 AspectRatio=1.333333 MinPixelSize=1.0 And... [WorldSettings] SectorWidth=20 SectorHeight=20 SectorMaxObject=1024<---Doubled, Just a Guess Border=80000.0 MinHeight=2.0 MaxHeight=35000.0 I have tried the Game at each step in the process and it starts and runs fine right up until you hit ESC to end the Mission then CTD. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. I'm still flying 1st gen because my WOE install is 55.9 gigs and The game is finally working like i want. The games going to have to change alot more than 2nd gen before i start over.
  5. Vietnam/F-105

    I just wanted to let you guys know about a great dvd i found in wal-marts 5 dollar bargin bin. Its called Vietnam America's Conflict, its a 4 disk set with over 23 hours of footage about the Vietnam War. I just finished watching the second chapter titled "There is a Way", it tells the story of a F-105 Squadron in Vietnam in 1965. The footage was amazing! You can see everything from bombing runs to Air to Air and SAM Launches as well as very good footage of the Thuds in service and lots of interviews with the Pilots. Like i said this was only one of the chapters, But it was worth the price by itself. Anyone who is interested in WOV or the Vietnam War should check it out! Check you local Wal-Mart first, but if you can't find it Amazon has it for under 7 dollars at this link... http://www.amazon.com/Vietnam-War-Americas-Conflict-Documentary/dp/B0014CKCEC
  6. AVSIM Hack makes world news

    Good! I really hope the punk gets what he/she deserves and they make an example of this incident so that others think twice before pulling this kind of crap.
  7. Anyone Remember this...

    Those boneyard pics are so sad. 20K
  8. Finally Found

  9. One less MIA

  10. First Eagles, Over Flanders Fields

    Guys, It was never my intention for this to become a "My Sims Better" discussion. I hoped to bring the community together through our mutual love of WWI Aviation. We all have things we like or hate about our sims, but this is not what i wanted from this thread when i started it. If we can have a civil conversation about WWI Aircraft,Pilots or Tactics then please do so, otherwise i'll have to ask the mods to close this thread. I want it to be about creaking wood and canvas with chattering guns not why this sim is better than another. Thanks!
  11. The Raptor also uses Block numbers, from what i have read at http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/sys...rcraft/f-22.htm they are working on Block 30s now. Heres a Quote... * The Block 10 Initial Operational Capability configuration, to be fielded this year, will be multirole, with the option of four AMRAAMs being replaced by GBU-32 JDAMs. This provides an analogous deep-strike capability to the F-117A, but is more survivable. * The Block 20 configuration is the baseline for the Global Strike Task Force (GSTF) fleet, and will include JSF common radar modules, a dedicated high-speed radar processor, and COTS technology CIP processors. The GBU-39/40 Small Diameter Bomb is introduced in the Block 20 aircraft by 2007, together with high resolution SAR radar modes, improved radar ECCM, two way voice and data MIDS/Link-16 capability, improved crew station software, and improved electronic countermeasures. * The Block 30 configuration, planned for 2008-2011, extends the growth seen in the Block 20. Side-looking radar arrays provide a significant ISR capability in the aircraft along with enhancements to provide full Wild Weasel air defence suppression and time-critical target engagement capabilities. A Satcom terminal will provide continuous network connectivity during deep-strike profiles. * The post-2011 Block 40 aircraft is intended to be the definitive Global Strike configuration, with incremental enhancements to Block 30 additions providing full sensor networking, range enhancements, integrated ISR capabilities, and a Helmet Mounted Display similar to the JSF. * Longer term planning for a Block 50 envisages an Electronic Attack variant, replacing the lost EF-111A Raven. A stealthy stores pod for JDAM and SDB is under development to enable carriage on external pylons. As a strike aircraft the F/A-22A will have similar internal payloads to the JSF, but will be vastly more survivable due to better stealth.
  12. I don't see any reason why it needs to become an us vs them situation. So far the differences seem pretty minor for 3rd party mods and i'm sure that soon we will have a KB post on how to convert these mods backwards and forwards. In any event, i don't blame anyone for making mods for the version they enjoy. IMO we are really getting worked up over nothing, when TK makes a major change like what happened with the WWII birds then we might have an issue, but even in that case it was eventually figured out. Everyone should just relax or this will just end up doing more harm than good to the community. The community has always worked together to figure these things out so far and i don't see any reason why we can't continue to.
  13. Is your Nations.INI updated to include Nazi Germany or Japanese Empire? Thats the only thing i can think of offhand. If you don't have an updated Nations.INI you can find it in several of the addon campaigns. I think the Battle of Britain Campaign has one included.
  14. Exactly, I don't expect the modders to cater to me. They release the mods and making them work in WOE 08 is on my shoulders and vice versa if the Modder is using the older series. We might have to ask a few questions now and then, but so far there is nothing stopping us from making them work in the older sims.

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