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  1. Ok, great job Wrench and sounds like you got what you needed then! I'm going to stop my PSP runway work then as I have plenty of other things on the "to do" list - best of luck to you on this project!
  2. Quick update - saw often times there would be deep skid marks along these, so made a shot at that and updated panel connectors...
  3. Thank you Nightshade, appreciate that consideration but I always prefer to scratch build. I'm still waiting for some reference info, but thought I'd mock something up so the team can react to before I return next week. Here was an initial pass - of course eventually I would still need to adjust speculars/lighting and optimize the bump maps but you get a general idea of the initial form, colors, etc. It is a single strip about 90m wide and ~1345m long so need guidance on those dimensions and welcome any other changes needed.
  4. Wilches, that dirt air strip is not designed for this terrain - it's for another project. But the info you shared here is good to know, for when I create the dirt air strip for what you guys need here. Same request, please send me some reference pics if you'd like, thanks.
  5. Sounds good. When you get a chance, please send me some reference images via PM and let me know if there is a specific style/reference photo you're going after - I'll take it from there!
  6. Wrench, if you can wait for a while until after the Thanksgiving Holiday I'm sure I could build you what you need if you're interested. I'm already working on an improved dirt airstrip (still work in progress) as a special request so wouldn't be that much trouble.
  7. Sorry for the confusion. I really meant what Wrench is referring to...actual modding of World War 2 era. Are there other limitations of the game engine though? For example, can a B-17 fire from all turret positions? How are the prop plane flight models? Any other "showstopper" issues that made it particularly challenging to mod for this era? Or was it more a lack of content and interest?
  8. All, just curious to get some perspectives. I understand that IL-2 is still considered a World War 2 masterpiece and "go to" sim. And I know there is a separate but rather calm forum here. But I'm just sincerely wondering what specific reasons and limitations exist as to why that genre never really took off under the SF2 game engine?
  9. Easy enough to get it started... LOL @Mue, so under the GPL if I made this available I or anyone else can then subsequently take it and sell it? Or am I totally misunderstanding...
  10. In my opinion, I could not disagree more and hate the way this is heading...The Developer of this Sim created an encrypted .LOD file format for a reason - to prevent theft and unauthorized distribution. I have never seen a post where the Developer has made a claim about not caring about reverse engineering - why do you think he ended up locking certain .LODs and other game components away then if he didn't care? Anyone can justify anything if they want, but it doesn't make it right. I'd personally prefer to see Thirdwire continue to go on it's own way and FlightGear do the same - I don't see what benefit Thirdwire or the community has in this arrangement - for example, do we suddenly get access to FlightGear assets? But I'm sure I'm again in the minority - seems to be just a free for all these days.
  11. No - the game engine does NOT support Multi-Sub object texturing.
  12. Hi Russ, don't forget this important tip as maybe it could be an issue as well...? As many of the models become higher and higher poly (digress to say some even overkill), you're going to have to think about slicing mesh components down to lower poly counts. Beyond a certain single mesh threshold, the game engine will simply not cast shadows (and same applies if you're using .tga transparencies and/or double-sided materials). I think it's something around 3000-4000 polys but can't recall exact count - so check that mesh piece! Otherwise another thing to try as a hack / workaround: place a small 1-sided cylinder/square/whatever directly in the engine innard and use a partially shaded/dark .tga texture to make the inside "look" darker (not ideal but could be quick fix).
  13. Thanks Russ, much appreciated - that was about right...!
  14. I can't recall, does anyone remember what the max poly/tri count is for a single mesh piece when exporting? There is an upper limit that if exceeded will crash 3ds Max...
  15. Thanks Russ, but I never get that prompt...the model just opens.

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