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  1. Keep at it Russ, will be great in the end. And get advice from @yakarov79 - he is the absolute best helo expert out there.
  2. Not quite. You still need to make the proper selections in 3ds Max which includes exporting the model with decal support.
  3. alright cowboy....

    Erik, that is seriously some of the funniest shit I've seen in ages - cracks me up everytime, absolutely hilarious and great find...
  4. Wilches, what are you talking about? There's no such thing as a "copywrite" law. I assume you meant "copyright"; but besides almost all of these are subject to licensing agreements - LOL - these are different. In almost all cases the licensing agreements declare and uphold protection of the copyright laws. How do I know? Because I was subject to software code and intellectual property piracy in the past both personally and professionally where lawyers had to get involved. I'm not going to say anything more on this topic - good luck.
  5. WW1 Fort Model

    Hi All, I think I started this very low-poly, "photoreal" fort years ago but it's somewhere stashed on one of my old hard drives. Are you guys all set on Forts? I thought Geezer put out a bunch of them and his stuff is of the highest quality already. Anyway, if there's still a need or interest I can try to hunt it down but if not that's perfectly fine too, just thought I'd check!
  6. That's absolutely ridiculous, I hope you are joking...
  7. Ha, ha - that's great. Thank you for the nice suggestion, I'll be sure to remove that as it will allow more diversity.
  8. Thanks Wrench, glad you like them - it was actually pretty fun so thought I'd keep the momentum going... Well now that you said that, how about having a choice? Thought I'd start with the Mid-East variant. I did some research and came up with this low-poly highly optimized design with modeling time about 2 minutes, and texture time in hours...LOL Anyway, hope it is another upgrade option for your Mid East "Falfael King"...
  9. The Hot Dog Stand is over a decade old; time for the new 2020 “Swambast” overhaul edition! This version is based on an actual hot dog stand known as “The Dog House.” It was owned by Dick Portillo who spent his family’s life savings to open up a hot dog stand in 1963. The hot dog stand was originally inside a cramped trailer located 18 miles west of Chicago, Illinois (USA). In my opinion, my version does a good (not great) job of replicating the original considering the FPS/performance balance I wanted to maintain. Also, I took it off the trailer and made it more of a solid fixture. As always, I get suckered by details, so I added in the working "grill smoke" and a delicious “hot dog combo meal.” Also, thought it would be fun to create a custom destroyed model that has burnt hot dogs scattered everywhere (). Working on a few final tweaks including hit boxes/collision mesh but should be ready soon. P.S. @Wrench: time for your “Wrench’s Weiners” hot dog stand to be updated. PM me with some details and I’d be happy to make it for you. Also, might have a surprise for you regarding the early genre firetruck you were looking for at one point.
  10. Gkabs, I mean it's cool and all but don't forget like many often do - this isn't a DCS Game Engine. I can't imagine what the performance hit is going to be on this between the poly/tris/texture maps but best of luck and have fun anyway. So that being said, would encourage you to try and optimize the mesh the best you possibly can.
  11. …will have to send in this fire support vehicle! Always wanted to do a proper USAF Fire Dept Support Jeep as I'm especially not aware something like this has been done before, and finally got around to nearly completing it. And don’t worry, she’s a fully optimized low poly creation leveraging just a main 1024x1024 texture map so should be nice and easy on frame rates. As many know I’m a total sucker for details, so even decided to toss in the Fire Helmet and dash details. I still have a few tweaks I need to finish up but think it’s looking good, more to come later...
  12. Ok, great job Wrench and sounds like you got what you needed then! I'm going to stop my PSP runway work then as I have plenty of other things on the "to do" list - best of luck to you on this project!
  13. Quick update - saw often times there would be deep skid marks along these, so made a shot at that and updated panel connectors...
  14. Thank you Nightshade, appreciate that consideration but I always prefer to scratch build. I'm still waiting for some reference info, but thought I'd mock something up so the team can react to before I return next week. Here was an initial pass - of course eventually I would still need to adjust speculars/lighting and optimize the bump maps but you get a general idea of the initial form, colors, etc. It is a single strip about 90m wide and ~1345m long so need guidance on those dimensions and welcome any other changes needed.
  15. Wilches, that dirt air strip is not designed for this terrain - it's for another project. But the info you shared here is good to know, for when I create the dirt air strip for what you guys need here. Same request, please send me some reference pics if you'd like, thanks.

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