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  1. Wow, I usually don't tread into the Gen1 Forums these days so not sure exactly how I arrived here...but anyway relevant to this post. This totally reminds me of an old program I had developed for some of the CombatAce Leaders to solve the exact same issue back in the day. Think it basically did exactly what you were looking for at least regarding the Aircraft. Here was an old screenshot. Program was super simple, checkbox which aircraft you want out of your build and it gets automatically moved out. Then one press of a button to swap paths and restore the aircraft. The nice thing is once you set it up, you could set "defaults" that remembered your selections so you didn't have to re-select anything. Here was an old screenshot, not even sure if the thing works anymore these days or if I still have the source code around...
  2. I have not seen any evidence to support the engine can handle more than 999 target areas - but I could still be proven wrong. For what it's worth, for my dev tools I also program only to 999 max entries Mue. Even then, depending on the flight engine settings, object counts that high typically will get cut off anyway not rendering the full desired effect depending on values like maxmesh/model, maxvertexcounts, etc.
  3. Awesome Mue, THANK YOU for the advice - and for your ground breaking tool, much appreciated!
  4. Does anyone know what is the logic used in Mue's LOD Viewer to read _Data.ini files? I don't understand why so often I open aircraft models that clearly have the correct _data.ini called out in their base .ini file - but the top of the viewer still reads <no ini file> <no data file>
  5. Anyone care to guess

    OK Ed, I'll bite...F-18 or F-35?
  6. Understood Gerwin, yes that is not what I would need - actually it would be VietnamSea July 2013 which were the latest, let me see what info I can pull together for you, thanks again for your help.
  7. Thanks everyone - Gerwin since you already have the lists compiled, hate to ask, but would it be possible to create a text file listing now that has: Only and all of the Vietnam .LOD related files is one text file (e.g., without any .bmp, .ini, etc. and that combines all the .LODs from the other CAT Files into one "master list")?
  8. Awesome - thanks a lot, I'll give this a try and this should be incredibly helpful...
  9. Gerwin and Mue, thanks both for the tag team support. @Mue, isn't there a way you can just point CATExtractor to a base folder that already has just the .CAT files in there? From the looks of it, would I have to install the entire game and patch it, etc. to use your program? I say that since it is specifically coded for the "Strike FIghters 2 Installation Directory" and just needed some clarification.
  10. Gerwin, that is a great start and should be very helpful - THANK YOU! Do you happen to have or could obtain listings specifically for the Vietnam CATS which includes the list of protected .LODs by chance? And just in case, is it possible to get the listings without the file size info - literally a straight sequential dump of just the file names?
  11. Thanks Wrench and Sundowner! I'm not interested in the actual .LODs themselves. Just literally a text listing of .lods that would be found in each directory. Sundowner, that sounds like exactly what I need - I'll keep looking as I was almost certain someone had dumped out and listed the contents at one point. Not sure if it's exactly going to be what I need, but I can picture that post in my head and thought it was in the knowledge base...time to search again!
  12. I thought I might have saw this one time in the Knowledge Base but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, or it doesn't exist. Anyway, do we have a "master list" of all .LOD files that would be found in each of the respective directories for Vietnam CATs; for example: \Terrains\VietnamSea \Objects \Objects\GroundObject etc. I know some of them are protected, but I would think one could reference the earlier versions or we might have a list of what .LODs were later locked away. Thanks for any insight.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like there's a few conflicting theories out there. If anyone is interested in helping me with a series of test scenarios, please PM me, thanks.
  14. Yakarov, that really helps - thank you very much for your quick reply and explanation!

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