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  1. Hey Ant, sure I have for another project... Send me a PM and let me know what you need done.
  2. Vietnam '67...River Rats Patrol.... GKABS-Swambast partnership project: credit GKABS for almost all modeling; myself for new texturing and misc details.
  3. Awesome GKABS! Will you be making the base M109 Vietnam variant too? I believe the M109 first saw combat operations during Vietnam. Just was wondering if that was a consideration...
  4. Hi Sophocles, yes this should work if I'm understanding you correctly and of course it must be exported as .tga only as that is the only native transparency that the game engine supports as far as I know.
  5. All, been out of regular modding for a long time due to real life demands. I'm getting things fired back up, but I can't remember the degree of export support on 3ds Max Opacity Maps. For example, can I apply an opacity map as follows and the exporter will support the setting and applied texture map? Alternatively, of course I could combine the textures - in the diffuse map create a new alpha channel and import the alpha mask texture and save as .tga - but it would save a lot of time and effort if the Opacity Map setting was natively supported. Appreciate any insight on this, thanks. 3ds Max Map Panel: I've applied Opacity Map Texture Sample Opacity Map Texture: rw6_alfa.jpg (gray scale opacity map saved as .jpg)
  6. Gkabs, LOVE IT - anything 'Nam and now you've got my attention! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help including updated texturing - actually had an unfinished PBR at one time so will be good to see one come to life! Also for the ATC model and concept was done even long before that, I'm grateful to be the keeper of some great project assets such as this one, for example used elsewhere:
  7. @alexis99 Although I don't model a lot of aircraft, I really like this idea and think it's a great suggestion.
  8. Man, exactly what this guy says - totally agree! Let me know what we might be able to help with on this request.
  9. Let me be the first to congratulate Menrva and all those involved in this incredible achievement. The attention to detail, countless enhancements and level of quality places this mod (in my opinion) as one of the greatest ever made for this series!
  10. Man, that's dope - looks fantastic!
  11. Excellent addition, thank you Stephen1918! Love how you made them generic, looks like they are totally FPS friendly and look fantastic - nice work!
  12. Hi GKabs, if you're referring to the actual mesh shaping: you could try Boolean but sometimes it can leave messy edges/polys esp. on complex surfaces (ProBoolean might be another option that has better results). Or you can try a quick subdivide using a Tesselate modifier. Otherwise if you need precision, then use edit poly and "connect" the edges manually to get the polys you need. I'm sure there are other ideas... But if you're referring to just getting the texture, then I totally agree with Russ's advice: "windows I would paint on or copy real ones onto texture then bump map will make em look realistic"
  13. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    @Von : your supports and comments are incredibly helpful. However, I'm getting overwhelmed by all the different variations, dimensions, models, etc. (for example, found different configs for wings, horizontal stabilizers, etc.). Can you help me by picking just one version, hopefully the most diverse/flexible version that can be quickly turned into different ones later. I'd like to stick with just one version for now and any/all source reference photos and dimensions just for that single version to start with. From earlier comments I think this one might be a decent candidate? That being said, I can't decipher what the rest of the wing shape should be from just the side view - are there any more reference photos to go off (top view, rear views, etc.)? If someone can gather all the source photo references would be incredibly helpful esp. as mentioned I have no knowledge of this era... Does this version equate to this view below?
  14. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    Another try at a different wing configuration...
  15. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    First crack at new curved wing mesh and first draft of experimental texturing (weathering and beveled/drop shadow wing struts but "squares" not yet symmetrical, etc.). Still not sure if I like the technique so will keep messing around with it a bit more and welcome improvement suggestions.

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