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  1. Hi Russ, don't forget this important tip as maybe it could be an issue as well...? As many of the models become higher and higher poly (digress to say some even overkill), you're going to have to think about slicing mesh components down to lower poly counts. Beyond a certain single mesh threshold, the game engine will simply not cast shadows (and same applies if you're using .tga transparencies and/or double-sided materials). I think it's something around 3000-4000 polys but can't recall exact count - so check that mesh piece! Otherwise another thing to try as a hack / workaround: place a small 1-sided cylinder/square/whatever directly in the engine innard and use a partially shaded/dark .tga texture to make the inside "look" darker (not ideal but could be quick fix).
  2. Thanks Russ, much appreciated - that was about right...!
  3. I can't recall, does anyone remember what the max poly/tri count is for a single mesh piece when exporting? There is an upper limit that if exceeded will crash 3ds Max...
  4. Thanks Russ, but I never get that prompt...the model just opens.
  5. Hi all, for some bizarre reason I just realized all my mesh units are in inches instead of meters. What is the best way to mass convert all the mesh in the file properly into meters while avoiding any scaling issues (noting I have many layers)...?
  6. Damn, this is just such amazing work as always. Sophocles, your F-5A here is going to set the bar for superior quality and details - thank you for continuing to bring this into reality...
  7. Russ, are you starting with a blank/transparent layer as the background layer first? If you don't have this, I've found that when the layers are collapsed when you save the file you can end up with a solid white or black background. Another thing is I've often had better luck with merging visible transparent layers as opposed to completely merging all layers (esp. when using other programs like Paint.net, PS Elements, etc.)
  8. It is nice to see you giving proper credit the model source is X-Plane and you're importing - I'm sure you received permission so thanks for doing the right thing. One suggestion to think about: the runway textures, while they look high res, still need work (seams, repetitive wear, mirroring, etc.).
  9. Are you planning to do these completely from scratch, or are you taking models already available from the net? There are dozens of options to leverage existing models for the GAZ and UAZ for example.
  10. Awesome Mue, really appreciate your continuing support on this. How hard would it be to make a 32-bit compatible version though - just want to understand if that's a possibility or not? I might be in the minority on this, but if not think it's a fair question (I use 32-bit for older support programs including 3DS MAX, PS, and a slew of older games, etc.)
  11. I've seen this happen sometimes when you have an invalid entry in your options.ini: [ScreenShots] Directory=C:\Users\Admin\Saved Games\ThirdWire\[INVALID PATH]\ScreenShots Format=JPG
  12. Mue, does this mean you've dropped 32-bit support or what am I overlooking as I can't get this version to even open...(I hope not, that would be a bad idea IMHO).
  13. And you should always as a professional courtesy include in the README the ORIGINAL artist's name/credits and where you obtained the model from...
  14. Hi Ravenclaw, Just as a point of comparison, here is a 300-gal reference
  15. Calling Swambast!

    Thanks Gents, traveling but will be back in action again soon - Volker and I were able to connect, thanks much.

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