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  1. OK, some weekend progress - first round and start of "interior decorating". Will continue to add more details and interior props soon enough, hope you enjoy for now, thanks!
  2. Progress update: started on open hangar version first since it’s obviously going to be more complex and detailed. New support struts and scratch texturing based on reference pics, added exterior paneling details including weathering and riveting, strung up the overhead lamps, etc. Any other suggested changes, let me know. Otherwise, I will assume is OK and move into my favorite part of modeling – adding in details for the interior which I always enjoy (always a sucker for the details). Side note: @allenjb42 - that is awesome! Maybe you can give it a try through these hangars soon enough....LOL
  3. Had strange feeling as well, I can't wait to hear the explanation on this...what a "School Project"....
  4. Need some input here - for the rear of the hangar is there a preference to have it a closed wall structure? In some cases, it seems like the front hangar doors are mirrored in the rear as well, meaning you can enter and exit through front and back. Hope that makes sense describing it? So, would it be best to do 1) a front open hangar door with a closed rear wall or 2) a front open hangar door with similar hangar door in rear (e.g., mirrored front and back)?
  5. Thank you for your kind words GKABS, and likewise the countless contributions you've made here are amazing indeed. I am looking forward to the opportunity to partner on another project again soon!
  6. Wow, that is ironic indeed and good timing... I would be happy as always to partner with @GKABS on any thing he might have in the works, as we've partnered on similar structures in the past and they really turned out nice!
  7. How can anyone seriously defend this? This is clearly as @Menrva called it, "ripping-off without shame." Of course my works have been stolen and used without my permission as well - disgraceful indeed. This seems to be more the norm these days, people coming in stealing whatever they want, putting the goods back together in some way and then desperately wanting attention and recognition to lift their egos. Sad from where we once were, but reality indeed and another warning to stay guarded on what is publicly shared...
  8. Hi, while modding time is challenged these days I've had at least 3 requests to make a very large aircraft hangar, capable of housing something like B-52s, KC-135 fueling tankers and more. As far as I understand, we don't really have too many hangar options of that scale. So I decided to honor the requests and made this one from scratch. This is the version I am using, which is much more typical than what you find in some of the newer reference images (e.g., the newer half-dome / wide arc hangars from recent images are very new and quite rare costing est. $34M). Anyway, let me know of any suggestions you might have; otherwise once I finalize the exterior, I will begin creating an interior version as well. Side note, I've created it so the center emblem is completely customizable - you can remove it altogether, you can easily add your own version, etc. so this should allow great flexibility to use it as you need it. Thanks. /
  9. Just before I migrated to Windows 11, of which I'm still experiencing massive 3ds Max issues and falling back to the old development computer, I had a few goodies underway that I need to unload. Much to everyone's surprise, the mystery vehicle has been revealed. And the assigned crew here are not happy about Wrench's rusty van serving American hot dogs. But in secret, some are really starting to enjoy them. Created this just for fun in case you like it. Wrench, I'll PM you with more details and see what other changes you might like. And maybe, just maybe if you sell more dogs you can get this thing a fresh paint job...
  10. Wow, that looks really nice - love the coloring and weathering you put on it especially - great job Wrench!
  11. Hi Gents, thanks for the ideas, much appreciated. The biggest issue is after finally getting MAX installed, it just won't load and constantly crashes upon the splash screen. So @simonmiller416 while I appreciate the tip, it has nothing to do with a "right click bug." I would love to have that problem honestly. But right now, Max just doesn't even successfully load. For Windows 11 Pro, perhaps a better and easier option might be to use the default built-in Hyper-V which comes with the Pro edition. That being said, I am not a fan at all of Virtual Machines. The clunkiness of having to transfer virtual files into real saved files, chunking out memory and SSD space, etc. is such a hassle in my opinion. I would only look to this for an absolute last resort effort, but @Menrva 's suggestion is, ultimately, probably going to be the best option at some point. In the meantime, @Wrench the suggestion of using an older machine is a practical option, although by far the least preferred. I have a multi monitor, complex NAS set up, etc. so I wanted my new Win 11 computer to completely replace all my legacy hardware, not sit along side it and not to mention I just don't have that kind of room. For other personal reasons, this has not become a high priority for the moment, but I will continue fighting to see how much progress I can make in getting this to work. When I last left off my efforts about a month ago, I was making some major breakthroughs that seemed very encouraging. Thanks for your thoughts on this.
  12. Unfortunately, I've reached out to several 3d modelers using Win 11 Pro, and no one has had success so far especially with getting the mental ray and thirdwire exporter plug-ins to work. I think for now I'm out of luck unless others have had some success and can share more insights and details.
  13. Appreciate that a lot Eric, please send me a PM - I'll take all the help I can get.
  14. Damn, struggling like hell to get this to work on Windows 11 Pro - what a frigging nightmare. Any ideas on how to get any of the exporters to work? It looks like it's not recognizing the thirdwire exporter as a compatible 32-bit plugin, but clearly I installed the 32-bit version of 3ds Max (although obviously on the 64-bit OS). Kind of running out of patience, this is extremely difficult.

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