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Date: Friday, June 12, 2009

2000 EDT


ATC services will be provided between KPIT (Pittsburgh Intl)and KPHL (Philadelphia Intl). Services will be provided between these airports only. All aircraft operating elsewhere can expect UNICM procedures until entering Cleveland (KZOB) or New York (KZNY) airspace.


Suggested flight routes as follows:




You can find STARS and DP plates at www.http://dtpp.myairplane.com


Please Use the following frequencies for your flight:

Unicom: 118.5 (This will be for when you are not under the control of ATC.)

Clearance Delivery: 119.65

All other frequencies will be dependent on the number of pilots/controllers. Pilots will be advised of frequency assignments and changes.


For those pilots running through a router, please review the AIM on the WestcoastATC web page. Failure to configure your router properly could result in your inability to join the session, and it may prevent others for enjoying the session as well. The AIM contains a wealth of information regarding ATC sessions. Please read it.


Flight Plans (PLEASE READ): All flight plans for this session must be filed in this order. Any flight plans filed outside of this order will be asked to refile. Thanks:

+fp N12345 C172 IFR 070 KATL.RMG.KAHN RMK

+fp – Callsign - A/C Type - IFR/VFR - Alt. - Route – Remarks

The session server will be open for pre-filing 30 min prior to the beginning of the session.

See you in the Skies...

The WestCoast ATC Team!

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