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The Hi-tech Redneck Glossary

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My pal gave me this Christmas card, hehe...


-reboot- What you do when yur done scritchin yer feets.

-hardware-Nuts, bolts, nails, screws, etc.

-server-Thet feller what doles out the bains.

-spread sheet-One way of fertilizin' a field.

-point and click-What happens when yur dang gun misfires.

-cell phone-What you use to make your one call from jail.

-3.5inch floppy-The droppin of a really small cow.

-microchip-That same droppin after its been settin in the sun fer a spell.

-hard drive-A truck with two flat tires, stripped gears, and a burnt out clutch.


Hmmm, I wonder what else we can add, hehe... :D

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