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Black Desert HM bmps

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Black Desert HM bmps

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Black Repainted HM_bmps for Desert Based Terrains ONLY, for use in Post-08 Patch Levels


For Add-On Terrains for SF/SFG/WoV/WoE/WoI and SF2/SF2:/SF2:E



This "repair package" is for those people still having trouble/issues with items placed near the sea/land transitions, and for those terrains using the Desert tileset that have NOT been brought up to 08 patch levels. The problem manifests itself as 'partly sunken ships' in port, or GroundObjects and Building that seem to be below ground level when near the shoreline.


You'll note the listing of the NextGen sims, albeit THEIR terrains need NO adjusting; this is for 3rd Party, Add-Ons to be used in all the aforementioned sims, that were originally designed for use in the Classic Series, and have been migrated over. This will also fix them for use in the Classic Series.


This fix has been covered innumerable times in several hundred posts on the CombatAce message boards, and even has it's own thread in the dreaded Knowledge Base.


What this fix does, is change the Height statements for those terrains built in the 06 patch level, and before, and will bring them up to date with the O8 Level for the Classic Series, and will work the same for the NextGen series.


Some knowledge of use of Skypat's Cat Extractor Tool is needed, as you will probably be needing it to extract the terrain ***_data.ini from one of the Original 3 Terrains ™ - Desert, VietnamSEA and GermanyCE, to make comparisons to for the terrain to be repaired. For the most part, the data in the Install Section below will have all the details necessary; but just be prepared.


I'll try to keep the install/ repair procedures as easy as possible for the less experienced users.


As always, unzip this pak to a temp folder or your desktop to gain access to the rest of this readme. It should be mentioned at this point, you're REALLY going to want to read the document all the way through before installing. This will aquiant you with the procedures and help you in the long run.




Kevin Stein


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