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Connection Speeds For Mp

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I followed a thread on the official Ubi boards with some interest.


The thread was started by 169th_Ice who has been experimenting with different combinations of connection speeds. Here is what he wrote:


Some people seem to think because they are on cable or DSL they should select 10MB LAN. This is incorrect there is way too much latency or LAG on a WAN (Wide area Network or Internet)to successfully process so many packets.

56k is good for the net for up to about 8 to 10 players after that things start to warp.

28.8k works best for larger sessions. I can successfully host 16 players IF they all connect at 28.8k. and no more or less warping than a 56k server. Joining at 56k will warp on a server set to 28.8k

If a host has in Game Description specified 28.8 please join at that speed. To do so just join the game then at the next window switch the Player/Connect to Connect, press the STOP button, change to 28.8, then press START. you will now go to the multiplayer screen to select your team and aircraft.

Btw joining at 28.8 on a 56k server works just fine


Link to the original thread


Some of the responses in the thread seems to confirm his finding but i don't think we will hear much on it since everything on the official boards are drowning in patch related topics.

I will try to to experiment with this but i would be gratefull if some of you guys could check it out as well and post here on your findings. If this proves to be a good tip on improving MP sessions its i'll put it in the sticky on the top of the page.


Hope to hear from you...

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