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Campaign Available Ingame

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Need some help please. I need to know if the campaign that is in retail game is in fact Ross's Storm Engine.

Thank you. :)

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Hey Jay Jay


The dynamic campaign originaly planned for Lockon was dropped quite some time before release and the campaign that ships with the game is a scripted campaign. Last i heard, Ross MacGregor was still working on his Ares/Storm dynamic campaign engine so there is hope that it will eventually become a reality.

He is working on it in some sort of understanding with Ubi/Eagle Dynamics allthough i'm not sure of the nature or extend of the collabaration. ASIK it will, when its done, be a pay-for addon to pay for his time and Ross has hinted that it won't be expensive.

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OK I just chekked the UBI campaign board and found a pretty recent update from Ross:


posted 29/12/2003 06:07 


I guess it's time for a little update. I am working right now on a proper campaign for the Storm engine. The previous campaign was only useful for testing the basic features of the engine.


I must admit, even with the features that the Storm Engine provides, building a campaign is a lot of work.


I have decided this campaign will closely resemble what I created with the WarRoom campaign for Flanker. This means a campaign for fighters and strike aircraft at the moment.


I selected two cities, Sevastopol and Kerch, to play each side in the battle. From each city I am selecting objectives for strike aircraft, including power plants, factories, petroleum depots, storage facilities, communications, radar, access points, and targets of opportunity.


Once this is complete, I can set up defenses to protect these assets and then strike missions to take them out.


So over the next few days, I will be working out the details of just how I will make this campaign work and what features are missing.


Original thread


I will try to follow his progress and post on it when there is any developments

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Thank you for reply.

The actual ingame scripted campaign was made by Ross?

I don't think so but i can't say for certain.

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