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  1. Não tive essa honra.
  2. O novo símbolo da cauda é mais interessante que o anterior. :yes: Uma boa alternativa ao Photoshop é o Paint.net. De salientar que é gratuíto e dá para trabalhar com layers. http://www.getpaint.net/index2.html
  3. Tucano

    Muito boas as skins! Belo trabalho!
  4. Tem muitos brasileireiros ou lusófonos aqui ?

    Mais um Português de Lisboa.
  5. FMA IA-58 Pucara virtual cockpit

    Looking good. :yes:
  6. Taken from Flanker 2 manual (Good reading btw). Hope It's ok to post here, If not just feel free to edit the post.
  7. AA 2.3.0 is out

    If we're talking about real life, then maybe all players should stop doing strafe, bunny hopping or crouch-stand moves everytime anyone shoots at them, because last I knew, soldiers don't do that either. :no2:
  8. AA 2.3.0 is out

    But the VIP ain't an USA soldier. So, what rules is he breaking? I just hide behind nurses to avoid detection then I move on once I get cover inside hospital. I always did this and never saw anyone complain. But ok, it's your server, your rules.
  9. AA 2.3.0 is out

    Today I went into your server and let me tell you I got pretty dissapointed. I got kicked just because I was hiding myself behind a nurse? I've been playing this game from the very beggining and this is a first...
  10. Arafat is Dead

    Of course it will... :no2: Hamas already stated they'll press with the attacks on Israel. You have to think that when you get a leader in power for such long periods of time he becomes predictable, his sucessor might become worse to control that his predecessor... Strange world we live in...
  11. Breakin News from Iraq

    Dead link. Anyone mind sharing please? :)

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