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Winston DoRight

Winston's Early Birds sunday sessions contest

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At the end of July I will award two prizes to the top participants in "Winston's Early Birds" Sunday multiplayer sessions. There will be two different categories of judging, coop and team dogfight.


1. On coop missions, points are given for following the orders of your Section Leader, the ability to fly in formation, and attention to the mission goals. Points are deducted for breaking formation and chasing non mission specific targets (unless ordered by your Section Leader). Staying alive in your first aircraft can earn you points as well.


2. Team dogfight high score. This will be tallied for the last Sunday in June session and all Sunday sessions in July.


Due to the method I'm using to tally points it would be hard for someone to attend just one or two sessions and win a prize. Your best chance would be to do well in as many sessions as possible. So come one and come all to the early sessions on Sunday. By "Early" I mean setting an early time for USA flyers to accommodate the European time zone, not necessarily flying in "early" war years although Vasco may be able to provide some early war campaign missions converted for us to fly if there's enough interested in this.


Info for Early Birds will be found on the MP calendar ONLY. I will not be posting the info as a topic any longer. The calendar is here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?act=calendar

Just go to the bottom where it says "Calendar Jump" and change the "Community Calendar" to the multiplayer calendar. For practice, drop by teamspeak whenever you can, we try to get something going as much as possible, especially Saturdays. If you've never flown multiplayer contact me, Vasco or sitting duck and we'll set you up with a short training tutorial that will get you going. First you'll need to read the multiplayer tutorial instructions by sitting duck here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=38466


And the essential multiplayer files auto installer by Madmatt here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=42089


It's a painless process and you'll be up and online flying quickly.


Here are the prizes that will be awarded:


1st prize is a 24" X 18" framed P-51D Mustang "Big Beautiful Doll" flying over the Dover cliffs, with full combat cockpit photo.

2nd prize is the Osprey 1994 photo book of "Classic Aircraft of World War I" by Melvyn Hiscock. I think it may be out of print as I can no longer find it anywhere on the net.

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