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Handley-Page Peregrine FGA.1

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Handley-Page Peregrine FGA.1

Handley-Page Peregrine FGA.1 for SF/WoV/WoE/WoI, Post-Patch (9/08 & 10/08) & SF2 Series Installs


A "What If..." aircraft for the early Cold War....


This is a mod of Pasko's Ho-229, which I modded into the "What If" F-79 'Manta, now modded yet again into an UK built version for the RAF. (did that sound as confusing as it looked???)

This is a complete aircraft mod, containing everything needed to just unzip and fly. A new pilot figure, and the pylon "seats" will need installing, but that's a pretty simple matter.


The skin, created from new 1024x1024 templates, is based off the original WW2 Luftwaffe one, and has completly redrawn panel and rivet lines. All new decals representing 54 Squadron, RAF have been either created by me or borrowed from Spinners RAF Decals Pak. Period style lighting has been added; running and ID lights, and a landing light. The cockpit, while based off the A-4B, has been extensively edited to make use of the new coding in post-08-patches for the "OpenCockpit", as has the data ini. This allows the external model's canopy frame to work for us. If attempting to use in a pre-patch install, you'll need to make all sorts of adjustments, and even I don't remember them all. Suffice it to say, it's built for post patch -- keep it that way.


A new "WoE-style" hangar screen has been created for this aircraft (usable in ALL versions of the sim). Damage tgas are incuded here as well, just in case you happen to get shot up....


This mod is designed for use with, I'm hoping, ANY weapons pak. You may just need to add a few things. If you've already added the weapons provided from another mod or weapons pak, you need not add them again. The data ini has been extensiverly expanded from the Manta mod, to include the new 'fake pilot seat' pylons that have been added for weapons carriage. Depending on the year flown you'll either have US AIM-9B Sidewinders or RAF Firestreak IRMs. It has been set to use the stock 3rdWire 100 gallon drop tank, and the stock UK bombs. The SNEB rocket pod, for use on CAS mission, should be available in just about all the weapons paks.

Some tweeking of the Flight Model, mostly the "StallMoment" line for the wings, have been incorporated. The aircraft handles EXCEPTIONALLY well for such an old model.


= IMPORTANT: This aircraft has been tested in Post-Patch SF/WoV/WoE/WoI & SF2. In fact, I tested it EXTENSIVELY in SF2 to be sure it would work ok! Be advised of the existence of some handling issues prevelant in WW2 era and many Pre-Patch (ie: 06 level) aircraft. Fly accordingly!!!.


As always, unzip this to a temp folder somwhere, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


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