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I had off site training yesterday and managed to get home a bit early (don't tell my boss!). My wife and son were beat after a day trip to a park and went to bed early. Jackpot! Some midweek flying time!!!


Well, I just installed a new ATI 4870 1 GB GPU and upgraded my monitor to 24" so I've been optimizing some lately to get that balance between graphics quality and fps. Probably rather foolish of me, but I also decided to give the latest TIR drivers a go.


ANYWAYS, I started off with no in game 'Graphics Options' changes and entered quick combat to set a baseline. Also wanted to see how much the 4870 made a difference from the previous GPU, an nVidia 7800 GTX 512 MB [WOW, big jump]. However, something was wrong...


First off, the new TIR drivers just didn't give me the right feel in the cockpit. I couldn't turn my head and get a good check-6 like I used to (turn head--lean back to one side--see most of tail/rudder), also I was getting A LOT of fuselage 'clipping' (for lack of a better term, could see inside the aircraft) while checking-6... No amount of resetting the TIR in game head position solved this.


Then, I was rammed by one of the Fokkers and lost most of my left wings, but still kept flying!!! That really bothered me, as I haven't had a lot of time to explore all of Peter01's FM's yet... I went immediately back into quick combat and then noticed that rudder response was TERRIBLE. I exited and went to Single Mission to fly an aircraft I knew should have excellent rudder, the DR1. IT WAS TERRIBLE AS WELL, and to top it off, I couldn't stall the aircraft! Sorry Peter01, but there was some cursing going on.


I kept flying different aircraft, and all the rudder responses were off, but I could see the rudder had full motion so I knew my peddles were working. What was going on???


Some of you may have figured out what was going on by now, but it took me some time before the answer hit me. My young nephew was visiting last weekend and futzed about with the In Game options, having put the Flight Model, Enemy Skill on Easy etc. etc. etc. I simply went to bed. early morning commute being what it is.


But you know what was really funny? The d@mn AI was still pretty good even on Easy, and shot my engine out a few times. Granted, I was trying to deal with all sorts of annoying TIR issues, rudder pedals, etc. so I wasn't flying effectively with all the distractions.


Ahhh, just needed to vent. Apologies for taking up forum space.

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