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B-57B Pakistan Air Force Late (Long nose)

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B-57B Pakistan Air Force Late (Long nose)

Canberra B-57B 1963 LongNose (Pakistan AF) for the "Strike Fighters 2" Series

by Ahmed Junaid Raza




Pakistan was the only real foreign user of the B-57, with 24 B-57Bs and two B-57Cs passed on in 1959 under the US Military Assistance Program. From 1963, they were fitted with the RB-1A "Georgia Peach" all-weather bombing system, giving these machines a longer nose. Some of the Pakistani B-57Bs were also modified to allow them to carry four external tanks, permitting them to conduct strikes deep inside India.


Pakistani B-57Bs performed strikes during the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War, flying 167 sorties, with three lost in combat, but as mentioned destroying three IAF Canberras on the ground. They also saw combat in the brief 1971 Indo-Pakistan War, with reports of four or five lost in combat. The Pakistani B-57s remained in service well into the 1980s, being the last of the breed flying in military colors.



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