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Hi all, I'have a problem with hamachi. I want to play multi woi with my friend kh606pf. But we're living different countries. We try to playing woi with hamachi but we can't do this. We can't gether on the same local network. Can you help us? We'll get crazy because we don't understand what is the false. Sorry poor english but thanks for your helps.

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all hamachi names and passwords must match EXACTLY, (CASE SENSITIVE)

make sure you are both looking in local network in multiplayer, not internet

make sure you both are patched to the same version, both must have same planes or add on mods if any are used


good luck

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hi 2 all pilots :)

for me and my best friend eankhilous do every thing to play togther but not seccues for examples :-

1 - we have same hamachi versoin

2- we have woi and we try it sometime with patchs and some time without

in the end i think the problem in woi files then we r setup it agien and noway :(

any one can help me and my friend about this stuiped problem then thankx for all :)

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Install hyper lobby and I will see if i can talk you through it tonight around 8 pm pacific time.


more than one way to skin this cat.


go to check six and they have a connector tool that works with sfp1 and with the others too.


a little time and it will work

you also have to set up your router to allow all this to happen.

That or just disconnect router and smash it against a wall.( I hate routers).

Streak eagle has a web site or links to help with this.

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Hi friends im reading to all posts about your problem and my suggestion is this .Try to uninstall the patches and the game , and later install the game cleaned with any patch and try to play together with the same version of hamachi and the same version Woi and tell me .Why say it? its very easy i played with a friend and we have the same problem and played with the game cleaned and hamachi and Voila!!! we can play perfectly with any problems ;) . K-mon.


Greetings and a great hug. :good:

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