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  1. So glad for you that everything went well. My first son was in an incubater for 4 days and that was bad enough. I can't imagine the stress of 12 weeks. Enjoy her they grow so fast my oldest is 10 and youngest is almost 2 the time flies.
  2. Multiplayers I gave it a go today

    yes unfortunately I have been busy with real life and only pop every other night for 1/2 hour or so. I am waiting for jet thunder and it's multi player. pm me and we will see if we can set up a flight time.
  3. Unfortunately that air show has been sliding down hill and gaining speed since the first gulf war. Totally lost it's international idea. I have not gone in 5 years and the price has gone up more than what I'll pay for what little they are presenting. in the 80's and 90's I never missed a show,even went twice in 1986. Was a volunteer and sold t-shirts and stuff for 2 shows. Donated plants and set up displays for the vip and special challets . Now it's a fizzle.
  4. Were to get an army surplud avlb?

    Hi all I know some time ago someone posted a site with military vechiles and stuff for sale. We are designing a house for a customer hand he will need a bride for getting to the other side of his 3 acre lot. nothing fancy so a bridge from a armoured vechile launched briding afv came to mind. Any ideas? thanks
  5. Free MechWarrior 4 available online

    Thanks Streak Say you looking for any lance mates? More than happy to ditch my f-8 to runn around in a mech. Sold of all my mini's and tons of other table top stuff last year, in order to rebuild my pc after the psu failer took out the mobbo . Let me know were and when.
  6. Multiplayer issues

    there are more than a few issues with fe online. guns continuing to fire in coop as soon as you pull the trigger the first time the keep going till jam or run out of ammo. but since online is not supported and no one but you me and maybe 1/2 dozen other care, nothing will get fixed. True shame but that is the verdict handed down the mountain on tablets of stone. dogfight works not to bad but does get boring.
  7. F-8 Crusader vs MiG-17 in Vietnam

    Carry on Streak I find this very interesting . Cuz you know I am a sader fan. from what I have read in my limited pile of books on the developement of f-4 and f-8 what your raying is unfortunately true. I'll go wash out my mouth with soap now.
  8. Happy birthday serverandenforcer

    Have a great day
  9. What the hell is going on with women in England

    Well the uk does not hold the distinction of being the center of weirdness. My Aunt after many year as a straight male orientated woman up and runs off with another man's wife. Were she is now the man of the house.Growing up and spending summers at my grandparents house were she lived as well being only 3 years older than me .I would have never thunk it. In vancouver the strangeness continues since it is considered San Fransico north.
  10. Well I bit the bullet and got both. nice eye candy in both. bad company 2 blows me away literaly.sometimes it;s total mayhem. I am only started but my pet peeve already is snow covered landscape and every time a grenade goes off you can't see diddly all the dust or snow powder. me thinks that ain't right. I live in the great white north and know something about snow. It does not act like fine powder stirring up in large clouds of visoin obscureing particals. That the enemy can see and shoot you through. As for cod mw2 I have only just started the last modern warefare was chaos at best.Too many tango's not enough fire support. ah well they are just games.
  11. WINDOWS 7 32 bit upgrade to 64 Bit ?

    Just as I feared. I have way too much to install. Plus remembering all my auto cadd settings and stuff to transfer over. all the players such as div-x real player quick time etc and 30-40 games and all the save missions that or start fresh all the strike fighters stuff say 80 gigs. Also means that i would need to get ahold of autodesk and have them release one of my 2 licences for revit,because I can only have it on a pc and a laptop. Even though the windows 7 machine is the same on as the xp. Oh Yes that reminds me. the guys at runtime software have a fantastic tool. drive xml you run this and it will back up your hole pc to an external / internal hdd. so if you need to recover, all you do is get minimal operating system going. install drive xml run it point it to your back up. and 90 minutes later your back in action. all your settings desk top,programs e-mails everything back as it was as the day of your back up. lat summer I had a major pc meltdown power supply went and took the mother board with it. so after months of saving . I rebuilt a newer fast pc,i5 gigabyte board 4 gigs ram and more. put in new hdd ran my xp boot cd then drive xml and tada back in the game. the best part is this little jem of a program is free.
  12. WINDOWS 7 32 bit upgrade to 64 Bit ?

    OK MY BAD SORRY Say does it upgrade xp pro to 64 bit windows 7? or just vista? the data transfer tool works not to bad.
  13. WINDOWS 7 32 bit upgrade to 64 Bit ?

    btw you can get a family license that you can put onto 3 computers much cheaper than buying 3 individual
  14. What was your Fun Car?

    1980 Comaro berlinetta v8 305 with a 4 barrel carb. first car and many other firsts in it
  15. Best Sci-Fi movie ever


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