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  1. Leslie Nielsen Dies

    RIP naked gun. we'll miss you...
  2. Maybe ı'd upload This mode after 1 week. This mode makes lock on tipsy
  3. Thanx wrench. Don't give this personal please. I'm only a guy who loves birds....
  4. Turkish F-16C/D 30-50's have radar guided missiles and lantirn capabilities.
  5. copyright? ı ask for my own workfile. Not for any TW products.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a question for 3ds max. Can ı import *.lod files into 3ds max? Please help me.
  7. dude you must do this step t step 1. Set-up hamachi 2. join marduks woi network if it is asks password is 1234 3. we are starting to fly at 00:00 am. GMT 4. fly with us... 5. For questions my msn is polaturkay@hotmail.com
  8. you're the best for me dude. What can ı say? perfect job. Fly crazy, protect country and no mercy... aahh ı forget, Check six forever:D
  9. we are on wov multiplayer on hamachi every night if you join me yo must have these: 1.Clean wov set-up 2.WOV_Update_Oct2008b 3.Hamachi Setup- version (if you can't fnd it send a e-mail to me) 4.Internet connection 5.Brain and sharp eyes:D Join ' marduks woi ' network When set-up hamachi network name : marduks woi pss:1234 come on join us
  10. we are using same game version and we don't uses any patch. same hamachi versions.
  11. Hi all, I'have a problem with hamachi. I want to play multi woi with my friend kh606pf. But we're living different countries. We try to playing woi with hamachi but we can't do this. We can't gether on the same local network. Can you help us? We'll get crazy because we don't understand what is the false. Sorry poor english but thanks for your helps.
  12. hmmm dude bridges very nice:D Good job...
  13. Thanx guy's. I'm beginner about this job, But I'll be better day by day

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