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Chased by artificial intelligence!

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Just set up my views in 'workshop' one notch closer; and as I read, that should also

increase fraps, I thought, I give it a try and make a movie for fun.

(Had not made any since before the last patches).

So I chose one wingman for me (Albatros DIII), against 2 S.E.5a (Aces).

Wow! I tell you, they where damn good and after us like bloodhounds! Fortunately,

my wingman lasted long enough for me to shoot the first S.E.5 to pieces. But right

after that, the other S.E.5 had achieved the same. Now I was lucky enough to give

the second S.E.5 a good hit. Cause then followed some ten minutes of circling low,

tossing and turning about. I couldn't get behind him and had problems enough, not to

let him get behind ME. After ten minutes, I went down dangerously low, to evade in

between the trees. I came out after short zigzagging, and now he had just turned

around as if he had lost me. My chance!

I approached him from behind and low and gave him a good burst. From there on, it

was like slaughter in slomo - he dropped away and tried to climb again; it was a

tearing sight; his engine produced grey smoke now, and I went down to give him the

final kill shot (it felt like a Torrero may feel, when he does the final killing with his

rapier, knowing, that the bull has already given up fighting).


A big compliment to the team - making movies will now be a real challenge again!

Thank you!

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