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  1. Hellshade Hello As one who delved into the DM of OFF, I know how much work is involved. In fact there may still be a modded DM of mine kicking around somewhere in the forum. HPW and I did liaise in the early days and he went on with more dedication and patience than me, to produc e some great DM packages which many could readily use. like him, I am still with OFF, being on XP still and not the most up to date system. Of course I am using my 1.2 DM - The ironic thing is that I did it to make more damage apparent than the stock OFF.. It seems from what you say that WOFF is more like the OFF mods than the OFF stock. So, there you are Pol, you just can't win mate! lol. Make more damage and someone wants to mod it to less When my system changes I'll give WOFF a go and it'll be fascinating to see the DM. BTW- continued thanks for OFF . Still flying most days in dogfights and still getting loads of pleasure. Best flight sim ever.
  2. If those figures are changeable - ( if opened in Notebook ), then I'd try changing the third from last value to say 2500 and see if that reduces the sticks shake? Don't forget to "save " the file when altered IOW suck it and see:)
  3. Thanks for the replies chaps, and the "welcome back" messages. I think it's worth a gamble to get it. I wouldn't really hesitate if i was Win 7, but I'll have to see how my trusty XP will handle it. After the Xmas hols I'll pull the trigger. Merry Xmas to you all
  4. Hello As a long time player of OFF, I am aware of what a great sim it is. Folks are praising the WOFF graphics but I find the OFF graphics to be great - I don't need any improvement there ( though I wouldn't turn it away! ) However, having returned to OFF after a layoff ( install got porked and i thought I'd wait for WOFF- but I'm XP), I find the biggest disappointment of OFF is the AI in a dogfight. If we get low particularly then the enemy seems to lose interest and starts stalling etc and can be left alone to eventually crash. And as i fly mainly QC dogfights ( don't fly campaign ) then I'd be looking to WOFF to be significantly better in this area. As I say, I'm running XP and i first ruled out WOFF having seen the required specs, but some posts from those with XP have been encouraging and I would risk it - if the AI fought better than in OFF. I haven't seen much comment about the AI. Could you WOFF flyers please tell me how you find it? On a slightly different tack, could one of the devs tell me the position - If I buy WOFF and I try it on my present machine, ( it may or may not run OK ), can I later install and fly it on a future computer that I may get? Thanks , cheers and happy Xmas to all
  5. WOFF is now available!

    Same here. My FSX and IL2 are running great on XP. My OFF P3 install gpt porked on an update and so hasn't been played. I was waiting for this, but it seems only on a new PC. Can't see that happening for a long while. Oh well! Anybody with an XP machine tried to run it? any luck?
  6. Thanks a lot fellas= I've now got it loaded and it is excellent. Thanks a lot Andy.
  7. Hello all and Happy New Year I've downloaded the Sound file 3.1 and looking forward to it. On unpacking it I see no readme etc but just an exe file. OK, so i run this from the external hard drive to which I had downloaded it. Very soon after starting it said I should install JSGME because it couldn't be found in C/OBDsoftware. I checked the OFF installation and I see that my JSGME exe and JSGME ini file and the Mods folder are all in C/OBDsoftware/CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields . My present position of JSGME is where I think it should be. But this sound file exe seems to want it to be somewhere else. Is this a fault within the exe or have i got it wrong somewhere? Can I ( should I ) move the JSGME exe and JSGME ini file and the Mods folder from the CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields folder back one, into the C/OBDsoftware folder? Can someone help me with this please? TIA
  8. Hello all I've been away from playing OFF for a while 'cos my DVD writer/player has packed up. Getting a replacement and for other reasons too, I would prefer to use an external writer. Some advice already taken suggests that there would be no problem in OFF reading that the CFS3 disc was in the drive ( as is necessary ), but I'd very much like to know if anyone plays the game using an external drive and who can therefore confirm that they are OK? Thanks
  9. 50th Birthday today

    Happy Birthday, mate. I see you've got to halfway then?. Enjoy the day ( and night )- and look after yourself, and J and M cheers D
  10. Agree- Do we know yet whether it will need to be online?
  11. OT Anagrams

    Hmm, something a little shivery about how they seem so apt, don't you think?
  12. The AI Gun Range Debate

    This is quite right. I've always flown at "easy" - IMO When it comes to AI gun range it doesn't mean easy at all. It means more realistic. The normal or hard means only that the AI fires and hits you from further away - around 400 metres. And that's daft!. Always was a gripe re the original game that this figure is totally unrealistic. All the evidence i've seen says that they fired very close to each other - very close - less than 100 metres, more like 50!. So, if you want realism (sic ) then select easy AI gun range.
  13. Excellent shots. especially of near the ground. Merry Xmas to all
  14. A Soldier died today

    And me too. Thanks Simon. a wonderful truly written poem. And in this Country, now, so apt. What a shower now leading us, compared with a soldier.
  15. Have we figured this out?

    Polovski S! - Is it OK if I share my tweak here? It only works in QC and not in campaign, so it shouldn't cause any probs?

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