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Air Interception Forms

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Air Interception Forms


(Sorry the Pic is in Arabic,The Aircraft on the top is the target and the lower one is the interceptor.)


Figure (1) convergence of the Interception


Fighters encountered hostile targets and destroy them in the air or on the fringe, far before they are able to carry out its tasks, and that of the standby duty at the airport or in the air, depending on the possibility of target detection and assessment of distance and height of the vital areas of the guns and where the presence of jets and the nature of land, and speed of enemy aircraft, and therefore distinguish the following methods to challenge the air: 



Convergence of the Interception 


Is closer to the aircraft or in charge of the aircraft intercept to a point dating «c» on a straight line is the shortest way and the least time possible to ensure that the goal of the half Vdhaih back: The distance b c = speed × time goal. Aaj distance = speed × time an intercept (Figure 1). 


Since the time available for the target intercept and the plane up to the point «c», the one site «c» is determined for: the speed of the speed of a target ÷ Interception


Intersection Interception 


It is almost an interception to a fighter in charge of a straight line parallel to the direction of the target and the opposite with the Gap, specific access to the starting point of the roundabout, and then spinning (exercise) to access the rear half of the target space.



Figure (2) Intersection Interception 



As the guided missile can hit the goal from any direction, it became possible to intercept targets at the air and was hit from the front without having to maneuver in order to reach half of the rear space of the target (Figure 2). 

Interception to the course of the pursuit: the closer to the fighters to intercept the target getting him directly, and then begin to spin on the path of non-regular curve with the keeping the longitudinal axis of the plane towards the goal is always to come out even half the space back to the goal. 


It is noted that the angle «is» is constantly changing. This method is used when the speed of an Interceptor is higher than the speed of the target at an angle of not less «is» of 45 at the beginning of the Directive. 

The advantage of this method easily determine the direction of the plane for Interception to the target (Figure 3). The calculated time of the Interception as follows: 


Time Interception= [distance of First Instance (the speed of an Interceptor must be the speed is the goal ×) ÷ speed plane interception - the speed of the goal)] × 60 

The time is calculated per minute and speed Kilocycle meters per hour.



Figure (3) Interception to the direction of pursuit 


Prosecution Interception: this method is used when a fighter interceptor and fully behind the target at a distance greater than the distance of payment and all. The Interception is the goal and access to the rear half of Vdhaih superiority fighter Intercepting to the speed of target velocity (Figure 4). And the time of the primary prosecution = distance ÷ (the speed of an Interceptor- the speed of the target).




Figure (4) Interception objection 


Air formations objection 


Intended object of the formation of the order of air planes to each other for the implementation of a joint task interceptor. It must provide the formation of air to achieve the idea of object features and benefit Algosoymn aircraft encountered, and should be easy to command, and has a secret and the freedom to maneuver on the monitoring of the enemy, and provide self-protection of aircraft encountered by the enemy air and ground at the same time. The change in the development of the aircraft configuration, according to the current conditions. Distinguish the following basic configurations:





So I've finished Sorry for bad English and sorry the pics are in Arabic Hope that it will help you in the game, any misunderstanding or explain i will be there !!!





Osama Afifi


osama_egt@hotmail.com (Chat)

osama.egt@gmail.com (Mail)

Website: www.beta3kolo.net.ms

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