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Zmatt's Tweaked HDR mod for SFP1 and SF2

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Zmatt's Tweaked HDR mod for SFP1 and SF2

**********Enbseries HDR mod for 1st and 2nd gen TW sims**********


First off, I didn't create any of this stuff. The enbseries mod is a DirectX 9 .dll mod made by Vorontsov Boris for use in any number of games. All credit goes to him for this. You can find more information at his website here:






This is an upload with my personal enseries.ini file. It is all of the tweaks that I have made to get what I think is the best combination of performance and eye candy. If you need any help installing or tweaking the file beyond what is included in this humble readme then I recommend going here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=43231


All needed files are included in this .zip. You don't need to download anything else to get pretty HDR goodness.





For Sfp1 and derivatives:


Drop the d3d9.dll in the root directory of your installation.

For WoE that would be C:\Program Files\Wings Over Europe\


Now drop the enbseries.ini inside your flight folder.


Start the game and enjoy!



For SF2 and derivatives:


The file structure for SF2 has been changed a lot and requires you to place the files in an alternative location


For Windows Vista and Windows 7:


Take both files and drop them in Users/xxyournamexxx/Saved Games/Thirdwire/SF2x/Flight folder

Where "yourname" is the name of your user account




For Windows XP: (Thanks to X RAY)


d3d9.dll goes in the root directory. enbseries.ini in the flight folder under the mods folder.




The key combo SHIFT+F12 toggles the mod on and off.




If you want to mess with the .ini yourself then here is a good place to start.The [EFFECT] section lists the different effects that enbseries is capable of. A value of 0 disable the function and a Value of 1 enables it. As shipped in this mod it looks like this:












Taken from the enbseries site:


"EnableBloom=(0,1) enables bloom effect, blurring bright screen areas and adding result back to screen, simulating illumination of some objects. It works very fast on modern hardware, but wrong setting or bad drivers will result in overbrighting or some other artifacts. Not uses HDR textures and that's why hardware compatibility is high.


EnableOcclusion=(0,1) enables screen space ambient occlusions (ssao) and screen space indirect lighting (ssil), this makes shadows and lighting between nearest objects. This effect uses by few modern games, mostly on next-gen game consoles, so it's very slow. Performance directly depends from display resolution, number of pixels drawn on screen, so to run this at HD resolutions you need modern videocard from high price category. It's require support of shaders 3_0, but even if you have it, it's not guarantee fast performance. If too slow for you, reduce display resolution and quality of this effect, even disable it. Hardware compatibility is limited, different drivers and videocards have problems and limited features that result in artifacts. For example antialiasing (multisampling) for HDR textures supported only by DirectX10 compatible videocards and enabled antialiasing in game or in video drivers panel will produce strange artifacts.


EnableReflection=(0,1) reflection of vehicles. Developed for GTA San Andreasm GTA 3, GTA Vice City, but in some games also works, of course not for cars. Performance highly depends from multiple quality setting of this effect and number of objects drawn. More reflective objects on screen, slower speed. Real time 3d rendering works faster when number of objects is low, but their vertex number is high, for example 10 objects with 10 millions of vertices every will draw about the same speed as 3000 objects with 3 vertices each, for reflection on shaders may be used multiple drawing of the same object. In this case performance highly depends from CPU and system memory speed. Per pixel lighting in newest versions of ENBSeries may be faster for some videocards. About bug solving see another section of this documentation.


EnableMotionBlur=(0,1) blurring image in fast motion of camera. On modern videocard not too much decrease speed, but costly. Current version of this effect have many problems, not working in most games, wrong, affect HUD, later will be changed. On some videocards do not work correctly, if you have some problems, try to disable.


EnableWater=(0,1) enable water effects, developed for GTA San Andreas only, but may appear in some other game, not for water surface. Depending from it's presets may affect speed very much, by itself it's fast, but for deepness factor it need scene depth information. Good way to compencate losts for depth is to use scene depth for other effects in parallel (shadows, ssao, dof). Modified water textures or water material (object) setting may produce unpredictable results.


EnableShadow=(0,1) enable shadow effects, their blurring and color changing. This is not truly soft shadows, because soft shadows have blurring range dependency from distance between shadow caster and shadow receiver objects. Speed depends from quality setting, it use scene depth information for some setting, so performance varies. This effect may work in some other games that use stencil shadows.


DepthBias=(0..1000) shifts objects when drawing scene depth, offset relative to camera viewpoint. For some videocards and drivers, combination of ENBSeries presets, may need to remove flickering and hiding artefacts of ambient occlusions. Try to set 100 if something wrong happens. This parameter not affect speed.


EnableDepthOfField=(0,1) enable eye focusing effect. This effect affect performance a lot, because it need scene depth information. Whe used together with other effects that also require scene depth, performance is not too much affected."




Motion blur, depth of field and occlusion have odd side effects with the SF1 engine. Water is useless as it is meant for GTA only.






Changed the SF2 install instructions for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Thanks goes to AGOSTINO for bringing the error to my attention.


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Ok,when i've saw Zmatt post requesting the proper files positioning for SF2 series I was in a middle of a conversation with Dave and we were talking and testing all the ensbseries files!

I've tried all from the first release to the one included in the Huge boost performances thread here.

But Zmatt did the real thing!

I've tested in all SF2 series games under win XP 32 succesfully and gaining a boost in fps performances.

So talking about HDR mods I assume that:


zmatt HDR mod plus Orsin better Widesky mod are


the must have enviro mods to have installed!

my vote is 10!


another thing that I've considered to gave this rating is the detailed explanation instruction that zmatt provide for this kind of mods!


my best compliments! :good::clapping:

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Thanks X RAY. Just to let you guys know, I will be updating this as I tweak it better. Hopefully this will act as a good starting point for members if they want a custom HDR effect.

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