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hi small post to say wow what a wonderful looking game

just installed a new video card 256mb geforce fx5200 , great card for the money

$150, can confirm runs lockon great.


wonderful mig29s


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looks good archer. Is there any difference between the fx and the ti4200. becos I heard the fx cards weren't that advacned....?



Also another question, A OT question.


---When are you going to release your sound pack?

---can u please remake ur version 1 pack to wav files if your v2 is taking some more time.


Using Loman 2.0 I decompressed ur ogg files to wav, but still they cause a lot of shutters, though now I can hear all planes sounds. I think these shutters are becos of filesize. some files decompressed are more than 1 mb. SO can u please remake ur patch. I love the sound effects.



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just to keep you informed nearly finished some new missile sounds

firing sound from rack few more tweaks mod will be finished,



as for the graphic card , all depends what you can afford ,the card i got

is great value for money and runs lockon pretty good on my low end system,

long as the card is dx 9 capable no worries running lockbug =joke cough


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