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Lavochkin LA-15 Fantail for SF2

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Lavochkin LA-15 Fantail for SF2

*** LA15 for Strike Fighters 2 ***

This is Pasko and Column5's Lavochkin LA-15 model. It has been updated to SF2 file structure based completely on


their work. I have also added two LA-15 skins I made for this plane, added a different loading screen while


keeping the original if you prefer, and have removed the shadow file and its callout since they are no longer


needed, shadows showup just fine without the files! The plane has very basic avionics with no radar but a ranging


gunsight. A userlist.ini have also been included. All the Ini's have been updated also to KillerBee's file setup


including changing them all to Unicode for smoother gameplay. I have also added the Kor-vpa pilot from X-rays'


Excellent World Pilots pack. The original WW2 soviet pilot is included if you wish. Xrays' readme for his pilot is


included. And finally, the droptank for this bird is included and working!


Any errors in all this is un-intentional. Please let me know of any problems or needed corrections. Keep in mind


this is freeware made by your community for your use. You use it at your own risk. It is un-supported by TK and


Thirdwire productions and is released under the CombatAce freeware licensing agreement. Do not use in any kind of


payware without express permission from the owners of these files, namely Pasko, Column5, and X-Ray.


Issues: None known at this time.




3D Model By Pasko

FM by Column5

Pilot by X-Ray

SF2 updates pcpilot



To install, Just simply open the zip file and copy paste into your SF2 mods folder. It flies well in-game but


is not a turn and burn fighter; the F-86 can outturn it. It bleeds speed quickly in a turn. Its acceleration is


very similar to the F-86 also...slow.


God bless, pcpilot


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