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  1. Started in the mid-1980's the PZL-230 'Skorpion Projekt' was an ambitious attempt to provide the Polish Air Force with an affordable modern attack aircraft but in 1990 the Polish Air Force cranked in further requirements for speed, range and payload leading to a heavier and ultimately more expensive aircraft. By 1991 Poland was enduring a difficult transition from a communist to a capitalist economy and the project appeared to be heading for cancellation but the management team at PZL Okęcie were convinced that a sizeable market existed for the 'Skorpion Projekt' and actively sought a partner to develop their design eventually approaching several aerospace companies in Europe, the US and former USSR but to no avail. However, in January 1992 representatives from the state-owned Parani Aviation Company (PAC - who had developed the indigenous Piranha jet fighter in the late 1950's) contacted PZL to propose a collaboration to develop and produce the Skorpion for their respective air forces and for export. At an early stage it was agreed to have two assembly lines with PZL to be responsible for all Polish orders and subsequent European exports and PAC to be responsible for all Parani orders and all exports outside of Europe. It is understood that Paran agreed to accept a higher split on development costs because of the wider export market open to them. With heavy financial backing from oil-rich Paran the design and development moved quickly and the prototype Skorpion took to the skies in October 1995 and was soon joined by the first of a pre-production batch of 8 Skorpions eventually forming a bi-service development squadron based in Paran and taking advantage of the clear skies over the Parani desert. Paran claimed priority for deliveries and formed the first Skorpion squadron in 1998 with Poland deferring deliveries for their own air force until 2001 due to financial pressures but by this time the Skorpion had become a modest export success with PZL securing exports to many of the former Soviet Union client states but with PAC only exporting a few Skorpions to Syria. [/url]http://combatace.com/files/file/8772-pzl-230-f-skorpion/ http://combatace.com...ion-co-piranha/
  2. I heard that he was running one of the largest cannabis farms in California. I feel the need... The need for weed!
  3. Decades ago when I was in my early teens I bought a book called "A Pictorial History of the RAF - Volume 3 1945 to 1969" and perhaps my interest in 'what if's' can be found from within those pages. Page 82 refers to the 1950 RAF display at Farnborough, where the famous Amiens Jail raid was recreated and shows a delightful picture of six clipped-wing Spitfires in full WW2 Luftwaffe markings "masquerading as Messerschmitt Bf109's" - a lovely phrase don't you think? Anyway, this thread is for 'what if's' that use an aircraft to pretend to be an entirely different aircraft and probably from a different nation. This isn't just decals added to an F-14 to make an RAF Tomcat (guilty as charged!) but something entirely different like my Aero L.23 that is a Super Mystere masquerading as a fictional Cold War Czech fighter. A more recent example was my Lavochkin La-13 'Fibber' using the Focke-Wulf Ta-183 Wrench (the original 'what if' guru of this site) has done a couple of 'masquerades' and here is his Northrop F-79 Manta So, there you go. C'mon, give us your 'masquerades'! If you've done one before, repost it here. Give us your thoughts, give us some ideas and give us some pictures!
  4. Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.56 - No.2 Squadron, Belgian Air Force, 1972 Skin Credit: Sheriff001
  5. Seems to be stuck on 60 contributers now. A real shame!
  6. ^ TK could do no worse than use that screenshot to advertise the series on his own store. Cancel that as it is, indeed, from his own store!
  7. Now that I've retired money is a bit tighter (I'm still 9 years away from getting state pension) but I'll have this wonderful lite sim to help occupy my time so I've donated.
  8. Sukhois

    They'll be here in time for SF3
  9. In the UK it often makes sense to pay for stuff by credit card as the credit card company will normally fight on behalf of the purchaser in this type of clear-cut case. In fact, after listening to the purchaser's complaint (if valid/plausible) they will often refund and then do battle with the retailer behind the scenes.
  10. If anyone is shopping for a lite flight sim then the Third Wire store will be disappointing to anyone with W10 as it only has two simple games plus a space sim with all three requiring an Xbox controller. Perusing around the store further they will then see exactly what they are looking for (SF2 series) but for W7 and earlier. Surely, it is the storekeeper's decision to upgrade these to W10 and recoup the costs with fresh sales - no different to the normal risk/reward of any entreprenneur and, indeed, what TK famously did 'back in the day' with his beat-up compact car and $0.99 hamburgers. I've supported TK and Third Wire by buying everything for SF1 and SF2 (all games and all DLC) with a few SF1 titles twice (discs then downloads) but I'm struggling with this.
  11. That's the whole point of my post. Imagine this... TK announces a new title, let's call it SF2:Libya with the F-111 as the centrepiece. The modding community then announces a revamp of the F-111. Is that fair on TK?
  12. You missed my point. I did not say anything like "stop modding and they will start doing their job". It was specifically the two aircraft I mentioned. To repeat, I felt the timing was unfair on TK.
  13. I seem to remember that TK announced SF2:North Atlantic with the F-14 as the showpiece and then TMF revamped their F-14 which must have cost TK some sales especially with some unkind comparisons. After that, TK announces a proposed Expansion No.3 showing us screenshots of the Mirage F.1 and then, guess what? The existing (BPAO) Mirage F.1 suddenly gets a revamp and we never heard about Expansion No.3 after that... There's nothing wrong with revamping an older model but the timing was harsh on TK.
  14. Thank you! They are essentially 'quickie' skins without proper panel lines but I can release them AS IS - both use stock decals. Edit: Now attached here. Backfin_Skins.7z
  15. Tupolev Tu-98A 'Backfin' - 109th Squadron, Iraqi Air Force, 1973 The so-called 'Treaty of Friendship' with the USSR brought large numbers of relatively modern combat aircraft into the Iraqi Air Force and in 1972 the 109th Squadron began to re-equip with the Tupolev Tu-98A 'Backfin' supersonic bomber. Even before the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the Iraqi Air Force had sent 12 Hawker Hunters to Egypt and in late September 1973 these were followed by the deployment of the 109th Squadron to Syria. On October 6th, 1973 a massive Egyptian crossing of the Suez Canal saw the Egyptian Army quickly advance into the Sinai Peninsula. Meanwhile, at the same time, Syria launched a surprise attack on the Golan Heights and initially made significant gains into Israeli-held territory with the Iraqi Air Force intervening on the Syrian front with an armored division and over 100 aircraft including the Tu-98A's of the 109th Squadron flying low-level interdiction missions on October 6th and on the following day. However, the Iraqi Tu-98A's deployed to Syria suffered heavy losses on the first two days primarily due to Israeli fighter aircraft and SAM's but at least three Tu-98A's were also hit by friendly fire from Syrian SAM's. A planned strike mission on October 8th was cancelled due to these heavy losses and eventually all Iraqi Tu-98A's were withdrawn from their bases in Syria. Despite these losses, after the war the Iraqi Air Force ordered 23 more Tupolev Tu-98B's and the enlarged Iraqi Tu-98A force played a major role in the Iran-iraq war by striking airbases, military infrastructure, industrial infrastructure, powerplants and oil facilities as well as the systematic bombing of Iranian cities in the infamous 'War of the Cities'. However, during this long war of attrition the Iraqi Tu-98A force slowly dwindled away and by 1987 the type was withdrawn from service.
  16. Angel Interceptor V.1.0

    Being a gentleman of a certain age I really appreciate this bit of nostalgia from the 21st Century
  17. Spitfire 9e Cockpit

    Very nice indeed.
  18. Grumman Bearcat FB.1 - 778 Naval Air Squadron, Royal Navy, 1946

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