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  1. I'd also add that for serial numbers you need to name them with a three-digit suffix number something like; SERIALNUM000.tga SERIALNUM001.tga SERIALNUM002.tga SERIALNUM003.tga ETC. ETC.
  2. Focke-Wulf Fw 187 'Falke' - HävLLv 31, Ilmavoimat, 1942 Skin Credit: Charles
    A great package this! Thanks to everyone involved and keep up the good work!
  3. Mirage 4000BA (Bloody Awesome)
  4. Lightning F.2's - No.60 Squadron, RAF Far East Air Force, 1965
  5. Republic Thunderjet FB.1 - No.60 Squadron, RAF Far East Air Force, 1951 Even before the start of 'Operation Firedog' the RAF had been looking at the both the F-80 Shooting Star and the F-84 Thunderjet to fulfill their requirement for a jet fighter-bomber for the Far East Air Force eventually settling on the latter. The RAF wanted to keep the Gloster Meteor for home-based duties (including RAF Germany) and felt that the plywood used in the construction of the nose section of the de Havilland Vampire might be subject to the same delamination problems that had affected the de Havilland Mosquito in the extreme of heat and humidity in the Far East during World War 2. Despite the huge financial pressures of the UK's balance of payments with the US, the UK Government agreed to purchase an initial batch of 50 F-84E's which equipped No.33 squadron at RAF Tengah followed by No.60 squadron. Skin Credit: Charles
  6. BAC Canberra B(I).8 - No. 249 (Gold Coast) Squadron, 1969
  7. ScreenShots Sueltos

    Es un producto DAT (versión beta).
  8. English Electric Canberra B(I)8 - No.148 Squadron, RAF Bomber Command, 1965 In 1963, with the Mark 2 versions of the Vulcan and Victor becoming the spearhead of Bomber Command, four Valiant squadrons (49, 148, 207 and 214) were assigned to SACEUR forming a powerful strike wing based at Marham in Norfolk. But during the summer of 1964 fatigue cracks were discovered in the front and rear wing spars of several aircraft and whilst serious consideration was given to a rebuild programme the estimated unit cost of this was close to the original price of a Valiant so the rebuild programme was ruled out. However, when further cracks were discovered the RAF reluctantly grounded the Valiant in December 1964. In January 1965, this lead to Denis Healey (Minister of Defence) declaring that the Valiant situation was "causing considerable embarrassment for us with our NATO allies" and that an interim solution was urgently being sought "to restore our missing strike power and commitment to SACEUR". The interim solution announced by Denis Healey on January 23rd, 1965 was that the Valiant squadrons would re-equip with new English Electric Canberra B(I).8's. A new batch of 60 Canberra B(I).8's was ordered and, fortunately, the Samlesbury production line had only been inactive (except for conversions) since February 1964 when the final Canberra B(I).12 for South Africa was rolled out so reactivation was quick and relatively inexpensive. The grounded Valiant squadrons were hastily issued with Canberra T.4's, Canberra B.6's and a handful of B(I).8's so that aircrew could convert to the type and remain current until their new aircraft arrived. Finished in anti-flash white and powered by Rolls-Royce Avon RA.7 engines, the Canberra's of the Marham strike wing were initially armed with American Mk28 (B-61) free-fall tactical nuclear bombs before switching to the UK WE.177B in late 1966. The Canberra B(I).8's remained in service until 1974 when they were replaced by Buccaneer GR.3's.
  9. I got stripes, stripes around my shoulders
  10. BAC Canberra B(I)8A - No.213 Squadron, RAF Germany, 1974 Skin Credit: Charles
  11. The World's Fastest Tricycle (I've not previously heard that nickname for the Thunderjet - the wiki page has several more)
  12. ScreenShots Sueltos

    Hispano Aviación Ha-1112 'Buchon' - Grupo 6, Fuerza Aérea Argentina, 1951
  13. F-86F Sabre - Fuerza Aérea del Perú
  14. Mirage 4000A - A DIY fix for the black central pylon on the EC1-10 skin is simply to copy the 'wetpylon' texture from the Mirage 4000B.
  15. Canberra B(I).68

    Another wonderful Canberra. I'm loving the whole series!

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