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  1. Spitfire 9e Cockpit

    Very nice indeed.
  2. Grumman Bearcat FB.1 - 778 Naval Air Squadron, Royal Navy, 1946
  3. Nothing is as quick as GIMP for making TGA's especially if you make 256x256 transparency your default screen.
  4. Supermarine Seafire FR.46 - 870 Squadron, Royal Canadian Navy, 1952 Skin Credit: Amariani
  5. Seafire FR Mk. 47 ("stand-in")

    Very smart indeed. A lovely skin - thank you. BTW I nailed my first carrier landing.
  6. Convair Velocity B.1 - No.100 Squadron, RAF Bomber Command, 1965
  7. P-39 Jetcobra

    Whacko but very nicely executed. Top skins too!
  8. Convair Velocity B.1 - No.100 Squadron, RAF Bomber Command, 1965
  9. Mikoyan MiG-39 'Foxfang-A' - Soviet Air Force, 2022 Anytime Baby! This is the X-02 Wyvern recently submitted by frtn over at SF1.
  10. North American Vigilante S.1 - No.49 Squadron, RAF Strike Command, 1968
  11. McDonnell Douglas F-4DJ Phantom - 501st Hikotai, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, 1986 (TF-30 engines)
  12. Grumman-Panavia Tomcat FGR.6 - No.17 Squadron, RAF Strike Command, 2002
  13. Stealth Cats The very impressive F-14Z by the 1 25 Studio
  14. Well I claimed my free download and deleted everything (and I mean everything) doing a 'scorched earth' install. Apart from dropping my controls.ini and viewlist.ini back in I've also added Shrikehawk's clouds - that's it. No complaints here - one happy bunny!
  15. It's not going to happen but I've no great interest in the glass cockpit era so I'd be happy with SF3:Korea.
  16. Well, it's a cracking deal for someone who would just like to fly a lite sim and blow sh!t up. BTW am I the only one here not feeling offended or bothered that TK "turned his back on us"??
  17. My girls say no. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mandatory Screenie

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