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---------------------------------------------INCOMING TRANSMISSION------------------------------------------------------------------


Though there are many modern aircrafts for thirdwire modeled by our great modders

the one thing i am missing is some serious SAM threat.

The older system like the sa-2,sa-6 present in TW games are easily evaded by turning the ecm on.only the sa-17 grizzly by 101tfs and tor M1 are the one that are capable in engaging modern aircraft like F-18F,EF-2000,F-35.


There are numerous SAM systems around the world,some used majorly are -



S-300/400 (claimed to be the most potent SAM/BMD system, S-400 can even engage stealth ) (RUSSIAN FEDERATION,S-400[RUSSIAN-CHINA?]) (STATUS-OP)






The MIM-104 Patriot is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, the primary of its kind used by the United States Army and several allied nations. It is manufactured by the Raytheon Company of the United States. The Patriot System replaced the Nike Hercules system as the U.S. Army's primary High to Medium Air Defense (HIMAD) system, and replaced the MIM-23 Hawk system as the U.S. Army's medium tactical air defense system. In addition to these roles, Patriot has been given the function of the U.S. Army's anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system, which is now Patriot's primary mission.

Patriot uses an advanced aerial interceptor missile and high performance radar systems. Patriot was developed at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, which had previously developed the Safeguard ABM system and its component Spartan and Sprint missiles. The symbol for Patriot is a drawing of a Revolutionary War-era Minuteman.Patriot systems have been sold to the Republic of China (Taiwan), Egypt, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Spain. The Republic of Korea is also in the process of purchasing several second-hand Patriot systems after North Korea test-launched ballistic missiles to the Sea of Japan and proceeded with underground nuclear testing in 2006. During August 2008, the United States and Poland signed a Declaration on Strategic Cooperation, in which they agreed to “the deployment of a U.S. Army Patriot air and missile defense battery in Poland. We intend to begin this cooperation next year (note: 2009) and to expand it with the aim of establishing by 2012 a garrison to support the U.S. Army Patriot battery.â€


The S-300 is a series of Russian long range surface-to-air missile systems produced by the Almaz Scientific Industrial Corporation all based on the initial S-300P version. The S-300 system was developed to defend against aircraft and cruise missiles for the Soviet Air Defence Forces. Subsequent variations were developed to intercept ballistic missiles.

The S-300 system was first deployed by the USSR in 1979, designed for the air defense of large industrial and administrative facilities, military bases, and control of airspace against enemy strike aircraft.

The project-managing developer of the S-300 is Russian Almaz corporation (government owned, aka "KB-1") which is currently a part of "Almaz-Antei" Air Defense Concern. S-300 uses missiles developed by MKB "Fakel" design bureau (a separate government corporation, aka "OKB-2").

The S-300 is also capable of destroying ballistic missile targets, and is regarded as one of the most potent anti-aircraft missile systems currently fielded. Its radars have the ability to simultaneously track up to 100 targets while engaging up to 12. S-300 deployment time is five minutes.The S-300 missiles are sealed rounds and require no maintenance over their lifetime. An evolved version of the S-300 system is the S-400 (NATO reporting name SA-21), entering service in 2004.


As compared to other operational competeters S-400 gives the maximum protection.at US $100 MILLION it is cheaper to procure and maintain than fighter aircrafts.one TEL(Transporter Erector Launcher ) unit based on a MAZ-7910 can have a mix of various missiles of different range.for example for long ranges 40N6[400 km],9M83ME[200 km].for medium range 9M96E2[120 km] and 9M96E2[40km].

it is speculated that TOR-M1,2S6 TUNGUSKA or Buk-M2E systems will be used to protect the S-400 against anti-radiation missiles and aircraft for short ranges,if they are able evade the S-400's missiles.


The People's Republic of China (PRC) currently have 60~80 S-300 systems.it has also been reported that PLA was a partner in the S-400 Project.


A improvised version of S-400 is the S-500 currently under development.its radar is claimed to detect targets upto 600 kms.


The Arrow or Hetz ( meaning "arrow") is a family of anti-ballistic missiles developed and deployed by Israel, jointly funded and produced by Israel and United States. It was designed in response to Israel's need for theater missile defense system that would be more effective against ballistic missiles than the MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missiles it possessed. The development began in late 1980s, ending in 2000, when the first battery declared fully operational. Spiral evolution of the system continues since then.

The Arrow system consisting of the joint production hypersonic Arrow interceptor, Elta EL/M-2080 "Green Pine" early-warning AESA radar, the Tadiran Telecom "Yellow Citron" ("Citron Tree"), C3I center,[4] and the Israel Aerospace Industries "Brown Hazelnut" ("Hazelnut Tree") launch control center. The whole missile defense system is also called "Arrow", "Hetz", or "Homa" (Hebrew: ?????, pronounced [xoma], meaning "rampart").

Arrow 1 never entered service,[5] but Arrow 2 became one of the most advanced missile defense programs currently in existence,and the first missile defense system that was specifically designed and built to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles on a national level. Arrow 3 is expected in the near future. Complete Arrow system currently in use only with Israeli Air Defense Network.


THAAD(Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) system is now undergoing trials.it will possibly replace the patriots.


AAD/PAD The Indian Ballistic Missile Defense Program is an initiative to develop and deploy a multi-layered Ballistic missile defense system to protect India from missile attacks.Introduced in light of the ballistic missile threat from Pakistan, it is a two tiered system consisting of two interceptor missiles, namely the Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) missile for high altitude interception, and the Advanced Air Defence (AAD) Missile for lower altitude interception. The two-tiered shield will be able to intercept any incoming missile launched 5,000 kilometers away.

PAD was tested in November 2006, followed by AAD in December 2007. With the test of the PAD missile, India became the fourth country to have successfully developed an Anti-ballistic missile system, after United States, Russia and Israel. On March 6, 2009, India again successfully tested its missile defense shield, during which an incoming "enemy" missile was intercepted at an altitude of 75 km.IT USES Swordfish Long Range Tracking Radar developed with Israeli assistance and is based on the proven green pine.



All system specified above are dual purpose system capable of intercepting both missiles and aircraft at long and short ranges,some of them are in development.


Many other systems exist like the sa-17,sa-19,m-113,but these are stand alone point defence system with limited range.


The Israeli SPYDER(Surface-to-air PYthon and DERby) system developed by rafael is used as a quick reaction sam but with little capability against missiles.


several legacy systems like sa-2/3/6 are now being upgraded ,replacing ANALOG ELECTRONICS with DIGITAL.in some missiles the seekers are being replaced with modern ones.some are being hybridised with newer systems(SA-5/SA-10 hybrid).it is note worthy that legacy systems if used cleverly can be fatal even today.in the kosovo conflict specially modified Yugoslavian S-125/SA-3 goa missiles shot down an F-117 Nighthawk and a F-16CG.the Serbs claimed to have shot down one B-2 bomber but there was no evidence to suggest this.


While the main thing i want to say is currently we have only the SA-17 , TOR-M1 ,M-113 ADATS modern SAM'S.so there is a serious need to balance the sams against the aircrafts.


i think some are already working on the patriot,maybe also on the S-300 but if anyone is interested i have models oF the MAZ-7910 &MZKT-7930 TRUCKS.


for patriot a model of M983 truck is required ,it carries the AN/MPQ-65 Radar and as the TEL.the MPQ alone works as search and engagement radar.THAAD is also based on the M983 chasis.


the AAD/PAD and SPYDER are based on Czech Tatra 8X8 i think the arrow is based on it too.


i think some are already working on the patriot,maybe also on the S-300 but if anyone is interested i have models of the MAZ-7910 &MZKT-7930 TRUCKS.PLUS I MADE SOME MODELS OF 40N6,9M83ME 9M96E2 9M96E2,PRITHVI AND ARROW.



******for further info look these sites******





--------------------------------------------------END TRANSMISSION----------------------------------------------------------


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