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Phase 2 Gameplay error

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I have just installed OFF 2 in the correct order and updated cfs3 to 3.1 and enterd into a cfs3 game and iv also regestered the mffst watever file using syswow64 for vista 64 users but wen i open flanders firstly a blank white screen opens wher a video is supposed to bew but once i set up a game and click on go to hanger tab after the inital engine sound thing i get an error saying cfs3.exe has stopped working.Im using a legit copy of cfs and i dloaded the off phase 2 from a torrent but it contains the same files as required.I set the settings to the lowest jhust to see if it changes anything but I still get the same error.I know that my laptop can handle it because i play empirwew total war at all high settings and that requires a relatively fast graphics card.

ive searched in the faq section witout sucess and i dont want to keep uyninstalling it if its not gonna fix the problem.Im more worried about my phase 3 copy which shall arrive sometime this week because if that has a similar problem well its going to be a waste.


Any advice on how to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated:)

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how does cfs3 play?


if that plays fine, and its just off that doesnt play ok, then it would indicate to me its a problem with either your off install, or the download (lol..which is what you get from downloding it)


keeping in mind,,you have to remove off2 before you can install off3,,,if your cfs3 plays ok,,then you shouldnt have problems with off3.

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