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The flare effects as I have them for pre-SF2 seem to poop out once they hit the ground. Some flares were made to act as markers - they'd be dropped near convoys and draw incoming air. Can this be duplicated in the WOV-series by someone who knows more about effects modding than myself??



Mike D.

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Flares are made as very light rockets. I suppose if you created a flare with an impact effect that is just a small flame that emits light, you would have what you need.

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Here's some Info:


Operation Shed Light 1966


Ground target marking, which was a key tactic for day time strikes, was investigated. Project 2531 was to investigate target marking munitions, and looked into warheads for the Mk 40 2.75” rocket motor, using a variety of chemiluminescent materials. These were to be loaded with compounds developed under the US Navy's Target Illumination and Recovery Aid (TIARA) program. Initially they used modified M151 high-explosive warheads, but found the amount of compound that could be contained provided poor results. The Shed Light Task Force noted that a lighter case for these compounds was in development. A combination of red phosphorus and a flare was investigated in an attempt to provide a system that could be used at night or during the day.



Types of Flares used since Operation "Shed Light" 1966:


(1) LUU-1/B,5B,6D target marking flare


Designated for a 30-minute burn time on the ground, providing a colored flame. LUU-1 burns red, LUU-5 burns green, and LUU-6 burns maroon. (What You need made)


(2) LUU-2 parachute flare


The LUU-2 provides up to 4.5 minutes illumination of 2 million lumens. The flare consists of a cylindrical aluminum container enclosing a timer, parachute, and candle. (What We have moddeled now)


(3) LUU-19 covert flare


The LUU-19 has the same physical dimensions of the LUU-2, and provides up to 5 minutes and 1,200 Watts/Steradian of IR illumination of the target area for NVG capable attack aircraft. (Need to make it too)





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If you can make up an effects file for one that doesn't die when it hits the ground, that would be super. I can make a visual model - it's only a cylinder really. I toyed with the idea of showing the deployed parachute, but besides the fact that I don't know how to animate munitions, the flare illumination as it floats down would pretty much obscure it anyways. I'll be happy that it doesn't look like a 2.75 inch FFAR as it exits the pod! I experimented one night trying to modify the illumination effect, and I only succeeded in screwing up the effect. Obviously I'm no expert at lots of aspects of this sim.


I just wanted to update a few weps, and the flare deal popped up. (I have a few more weps projects going on - detailed AIM-4A/C/D, the flares, SUU-42, new nape shapes, SUU-7, and triple and double 2.75in pods and LAU-10 without end caps (thanks to Ravenclaw for references) for use on TERs (an idea you already covered in your weps package!). If I could only figure out cylindrical mapping for Max I'd be in real good shape...


Thanks again for the help,


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