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Facility spawns

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Anyone who builds missions, and has had trouble with facilities as goals, would appreciate them trying this out,,and letting me know how it works...


As I still cant just add a facility to the mission, and set it to must be destroyed and get the mission to run,,i tried to spawn facilites,,and set the goal in the spawn settings,,,which caused a variety of problems....


have been using Mission_target_facility_7k as spawn facility.....but in looking thru the facilities folder,,found some other facilities in there that are spawn facilities.


Made up a quick mission using the scripted_tarket_facility as the spawn facility. I set the goal for the facility (a railyard in this case ) by editing the spawn table and did NOT check the "spawns missions goal objects"


The spawn worked fine,,,it is a goal object (ie,,purple on tack etc etc) and when attacked damage inflicted does show up on the 100% thing,,,Only thing i didnt do was fly around long enought to inflict enough damage to see if "mission goal accomplished" came up.


and,,you dont have the stupid "phantom" "goal(100%)" floating around like you do when you select the "spawns mission goal objects"


fyi,,,the mission target facilty 7k has always worked fine for me with formation spawns,,,just gave me some quirky problems with facilities spawns.



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